Friday, August 20, 2021

Calling All Gamers!

As a stay-at-home-mom of young kids, I generally don't have much time for myself.  Once my kids are in bed for the night, I take some time to myself.  I may scroll through social media on my phone or find a movie to watch depending on if I'm not too tired.  One thing I really enjoy though is playing online games.   I feel that having something like online slots or Tetris really brings me joy and helps me decompress after a long day. offers free online video games for anyone's preferences.  You can choose from such categories like arcade classics and cartoon games to shooting and sports games.  Of course there's everything in-between too! With hundreds of games available and new ones constantly being added, you'll always find a new favorite. Why not select a random game to find one you may not know is there? Who knows what you'll be offered which is the exciting part. 

Games also trigger happy memories for people.  Maybe your cousin spent a lot of time at an arcade as a child? She will love the arcade section of the website with games like Neon Invaders which is Space Invaders inspired, or Pac Rat which is Pacman Inspired.  It will surely bring back lots of fun childhood memories.  You can't forget your Grandma or Grandpa who spent many years playing Solitaire with friends.  Now they have an online version which can be played whenever they desire. 

I had fun exploring the site and playing games that stood out to me.  I'm not a sports or card game lover, so I opt out of those sort of games.  Pinball is a fun classic that always brings a smile to my face. Once I got the hang of using the arrow keys to play, it was great! Space Jam Pinball was very exciting.  You don't even have to go to an arcade for Pinball either, you can play from the comfort of your own home whenever you want.  

The games on load fast and are brightly colored with engaging music.  It's incredible to have any game at your disposal constantly.  You can also search for any game if you don't see what you're looking for right away.  

My daughter Scarlett is a huge game lover as well.  She tends to like games like Among Us or Minecraft, but also gravitates towards children's games because she's 6.  When I showed Scarlett the simulation game section, she immediately wanted to play Penguin Cafe where you serve demanding customers as quickly as you can.  

Scarlett enjoyed this game and it was certainly one that she will want to play again.  I'll also be helping her find other games that are age appropriate that she can play in the future.

If you're looking for something to pass the time with online, you've certainly come to the right place.  With games for all ages, you'll always find one that will bring a smile to your face.

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