Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Jack is 20 Months Old!

I haven't done one of these posts in a long time, but I thought it would be a perfect time to update everyone on how Jack is doing.

Jack will be two on August 8th.  I am not sure where the time has gone, but I honestly can't believe he's turning two.  I know every parent says this, but it's truly mind blowing.  It really does feel like I was just in the hospital having him! Wow. We are going to try to visit my parents in August and celebrate his birthday there.  It is still up in the air though.

There's no denying Jack is a boy.  He absolutely loves being outside and can't get enough of it.  He happily will dig in the dirt and is happy just to run around in the backyard.  When it's time to go inside he cries hysterically.  That part is never fun.  Jack is a big fan of cars and trucks.  He will stop what he's doing and watch them drive down our street when he's in the front yard.  Jack also enjoys looking out the window at any passing cars as well.

Jack seems to be following in Scarlett's footsteps in terms of milestones.  He walked at 15 months which is on the later side, and is also going to be a late talker it seems like too.  He says Mama and Dada and that's it.  He understands many things so I know there's no comprehension issue, but I'll be bringing this up at his 2 year checkup in August with the doctor.

I'm happy to report that Jack is still a very good eater and is not too picky.  He enjoys a wide range of foods and of course loves cookies and treats like his big sister! Jack is a fruit and veggie eating machine.

One thing that is shocking to me is how much Jack still sleeps.  Scarlett dropped her morning nap at 13 months old.  He still takes a morning nap from 8:30-10:30 and then takes an afternoon nap from 12-2:30.  He requires a lot of sleep.  Jack goes to sleep for the night at 6:30 and sleeps until 6:30 the next morning.  He's a sleep unicorn!

Books are one of Jack's biggest loves right now.  He shoves books in my face all day and demands me to read.  He has his select favorites which he enjoys hearing no less than 75 times a day.  He often shoves a new book in my face as I'm reading the previous one he asked me for.  Silly!

Elmo remains a constant comfort item in Jack's life since birth. He carries a tiny stuffed Elmo around everywhere and cannot sleep without it.  If it's not in his crib, he will cry until you give it to him.  Since it's carried everywhere, it's been lost in the house many times and we scramble to find it at bedtime! Not stressful at all, right? It's cute to see him holding Elmo's arm as he walks everywhere.

Jack is not too into TV and likes to watch a few minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before walking away.  That's the only show he seems to care about, but Mickey always puts a big smile on his face.

My husband is Jack's favorite person (and has been for a long time now!) and it's clear that he's a daddy's boy through and through.  Jack has a gigantic smile on his face whenever he sees his Dad.  I'm happy he loves him so much.

I am looking forward to spending a ton of time with Jack this summer and seeing how he grows and changes.  He starts preschool in September!

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