Thursday, April 15, 2021

5 Ways Painting Can Relieve Stress

5 Ways Painting Can Relieve Stress

Is your child is a mini-Picasso or a master of stick figures? Either way, painting is a fabulous stress reliever for people of all ages and all artistic skill levels. If your child is experiencing anxiety, you may want to explore arts and crafts for stress relief for a variety ideas.

Making time daily to be creative gives you the ability to:

1. Escape

Everyone needs to set aside time for themselves each day, even if it's only for a tiny portion of the day. Taking a little break from the daily routine, including school work and other obligations can give your child a chance to unwind. This break can actually help them regain focus and work more efficiently on their required tasks. 

2. Truly Express Yourself

People operating in a creative mode are completely expressing their true self. You must learn to let yourself go to accomplish this. Focusing on mistakes or imperfections inhibits your ability to let go. Children need this, especially older kids who tend to struggle with self-esteem and find it challenging to put their feelings into words. 

3. Feel an Overall Sense of Well-Being
Being creative keeps you strictly in the moment, similar to a meditative state. Like meditation, art is excellent for centering yourself. It can provide you with a greater peace of mind and sense of well-being. Getting into "the zone" as you're creating relaxes your mind. Older kids typically have more demanding lives than younger children; more complex schoolwork, deciding what to do after graduation, stresses about getting into college, etc. can be counteracted a bit with a little healthy escape. Discovering how to help high school students with anxiety, combined with encouraging painting can significantly benefit a teenager's life. 

4. Gain Self-Awareness and Build Resilience

Using your imagination to paint frees your mind from everyday life, including thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur during routine daily tasks. Your child can gain more control over anxiety by learning to create without thinking about the result. They won't feel like they have to have to have control over everything all the time or fear that they're not good enough. People can practice this new awareness to make better choices, while anxiety and stress gradually subside. Part of being creative means you're not always going to achieve the results you anticipate. If you're painting, you can't erase; you have to adapt throughout the process.

5. Boost Confidence

As your child is working on their art, they're learning decision-making skills, even if the choices seem insignificant at the time. Small decisions lead to more significant ones. Your child will probably notice a gain in decision-making confidence. Unexpected outcomes in life will no longer cause them to feel excessive stress. There's also a good chance your child will discover they're a better artist than they thought, generating a sense of pride. They may even discover a lifelong passion. If your child could use further help dealing with stress, check out Brillia natural anxiety medication. This product can be an excellent alternative to prescription medications without adverse side effects. 

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