Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Scarlett's 5 Year Old Update!

Scarlett turned 5 on Monday! Here's what's going on with her these days:

She LOVES to talk on the phone and will spend all day talking if you let her.  We enabled Alexa to be able to make phone calls, so she's thrilled that she can just ask Alexa to call her two Grandma's all day long with no phone number needed.  We've had to talk to her about not calling them 27 times in a row if they don't answer.  She's a big fan of FaceTime too.

Unicorns and rainbows are her main interests right now.  Her new room is unicorn themed and she's loving it.  Scarlett enjoys watching My Little Pony on Netflix as well.

She's doing great in her final year of preschool and we're very happy about that.  Scarlett recently learned to write her name and can write a few other names if you ask her.  For Thanksgiving, her teacher gave me a card that Scarlett wrote that said "To Mom, Dad, and Jack, Love Scarlett.  I was shocked and couldn't believe how legible the writing was.  Just a few short months ago she could barely write anything past SCA in her name.  Her teacher said she worked really hard to write it and was very proud of her! I was just as proud. :) I can't believe how quick Kindergarten will be here! 

Scarlett still has some jealousy issues with Jack which we're working on.  Some days she's great with him and other days she says mean things to him and is just generally annoyed by his presence.  It's a hard balance having two kids especially a baby who needs me a lot.  i'm trying my best with spending equal time with both kids, especially one-on-one time with Scarlett.  She also has some behavioral issues that stem from not being an only child.  Let's just say she doesn't always make things easy! A reward chart is helping. 

Since we moved, Scarlett is enjoying the new house and likes all the new space we have.  Once it gets warmer out she'll be able to play in the front and backyard as much as she wants.  We just have to get some outdoor toys.

Scarlett truly understands so much and is able to have long conversations with me about anything and everything! This is a fun age for sure and she surprises me with how much she knows.  I love spending time with her! 

I have to say that her love of fruit and veggies has never faded.  She continues to love grape tomatoes and strawberries and could eat a whole box in one sitting.  I bought a box of grape tomatoes today and she ate the entire box in about 10 minutes while I was giving Jack a bath.  Just nuts! She also has a huge sweet tooth just like me and it's hard to have any kind of sweets around or she'll just constantly ask me for it.

Scarlett loves having playdates and seeing her friends.  I try to have them for her as much as possible.  Some of her other interests include Berenstain Bear books, cooking, dinosaurs, Polly Pocket, Barbies, and anything Frozen.

I love how big her imagination is! Scarlett is always making up creative stories and has so much creativity in how she plays with her toys too. She certainly doesn't get that from me.  Scarlett is still extremely silly and will do anything to make someone laugh. 

Can't wait to see what's in store for her in the coming months! 


  1. She is growing up so quickly! You do have your hands full at the moment!

  2. Gosh FIVE? Happy Birthday kiddo!
    I have followed long before she was born and it seems like yesterday!