Thursday, December 12, 2019

Jack's 4 Month Update!

Now that Jack is 4 months old, there's a lot to share! I don't think I've done an update on him in many weeks now.

Jack is 18 weeks old today and doing excellently.  He went to his 4 month check-up last week and the doctor said he's healthy and perfect at almost 14 lbs.  He received his shots and is all up to date on vaccines.  She did have some slight concerns with some flatness on the back of his head.  We're keeping an eye on it and if it's worse at his 6 month appointment, then we know he'll need a helmet to correct it.  Scarlett had a helmet when she was a similar age, so I have previous experience with it.

Hugs and cuddles are still Jack's favorite thing and he would be the happiest baby ever if he was held all day long.  He really enjoys kisses as well.  Any volunteers to give him cuddles? He's very cuddly.  He also loves being spoken to and focuses really well on whoever's face is speaking to him.  I have to admit he's very alert and attentive! Just like his big sister, he loves anything silly and recently started laughing.  If you bounce him on your knee or tickle his feet, he'll laugh.  Scarlett loves to hear him laugh and it always makes her smile.

Jack is big on eating.  He has a 5 oz bottle during the day and a 6 oz one at night.  During the day sometimes he doesn't even go the full 3 hours in-between feeds before wanting to eat again.  Scarlett loved her bottles too.  I guess my children like to eat! He'll be starting solids next week at 19 weeks old.  It's easy to see that he's a very hungry baby and maybe the fruit and veggies will help him be less hungry during the day and sleep longer at night too.

As for sleeping, he's still doing very well with that.  I have not found a consistent daytime routine yet, and he's still napping at random times.  It bothers me that I haven't been able to put him on a dependable schedule yet, but I hope to be able to do that soon.  Since Scarlett goes to school from 9-1, I'm hoping that he can nap from 9:45 to 11 for a morning nap.  For the afternoon nap, I'm not really sure yet.  Scarlett used to nap 12-3, but that won't really work because he'll have to be woken up to go pick her up from preschool.  Maybe I can have him do 1:30-3 or something along those lines.  It's hard when he's not the only child! I wonder if I can change the nap time when Scarlett goes to Kindergarten next September? That way he won't have to be woken up early to go get her.  I'll have to figure it out.

He goes to sleep for the night at 7:15 and eats once before midnight and then only once more after midnight.  I have to say it's not too terrible.  If you feed him at 11 PM, he'll be up at 4.  So we're only waking up once to feed him, which is really good.  He always goes right back to sleep after too.

Jack is going on his first plane ride to Florida on Tuesday.  I'm hoping that goes ok.  I'm sure he'll enjoy the warm Florida weather and not having to wear a hat and jacket everytime we go outside.  

He's not too into toys yet.  There are a few musical toys that change colors that he likes.  They grab his attention.  When he's ready he has a small container of baby toys that I know he'll like playing with.  

Jack is a very social and smiley baby.  He is not scared of strangers or people he doesn't know well.  Everyone gets a smile! He is especially smiley when I take pictures of him.  He loves the camera and the clicking shutter noise makes him laugh.  Hey, I'm not complaining at all! It takes no effort to get great pictures of him.

Here's to month 5!

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