Saturday, December 28, 2019

Doing Things For the Last Time

When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about how much Scarlett can do on her own these days.  It's scary when you realize that time is fleeting and five years has gone by in the blink of an eye.

We're at a stage in life where Scarlett is teetering between being able to do so much for herself, yet still needing help in some areas.  I think about how far she's come from when she was a tiny baby and couldn't do anything on her own to now being able to do so many things without help and it's sad.  Obviously, I am very proud of all of her accomplishments but I know it's just more to add to the list of things I'll help her with for the last time.

Scarlett helps me make dinner, helps pack her lunch for school, gets dressed by herself, and helps me with Jack among many other big girl things.  It's hard to stop and find the exact moment when it happens that you do something for your child for the last time, but it happens.  I can't remember exactly when I got Scarlett dressed for the last time or when she walked into her classroom with my help because now she doesn't, but she's doing both of those things.  Obviously if you know you're doing these things for the last time they become even more special.  

Each day Scarlett surprises me with new things she can do that sometimes I don't even realize she can do! I'm trying to step back and give her the freedom and independence that she is showing me she needs.  While it is sad to know that each week she may need me less in some areas than others, it's also a testament to how much she's growing and changing as a person which is fantastic! 

I'm trying to enjoy this stage of life with her as much as possible because who knows what the future holds for her.  I just wish time would slow down a little!

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