Thursday, February 21, 2019

Pregnancy Update

I'm close to 16 weeks pregnant now and I'm surprised at how fast time is ticking by.  We found out about baby #2 in December and it's almost March now! I'll blink and August will be here.  

Last week we found out it's a boy! I'm so used to everything girly and it will be a big change to embrace cars, trucks, and dinosaurs, but it's exciting for sure.  Scarlett initially said she wanted a brother, so I think she'll be happy.  The age difference between both kids will be 4 years and 8 months.  Everyone says the age gap is perfect but I'm a little nervous that the age gap will be a little too wide, but we'll see! I know Scarlett will be old enough to help with the baby and bring me diapers and bottles.  We talk about the baby daily so she won't forget and I always make sure to get her thoughts and inputs on various topics about the baby.  The biggest challenge for her is time and she says is the baby coming today? I know she doesn't understand that we have many months to go!

I'm feeling well these days which I feel very fortunate about.  In the beginning I was very nauseous but luckily was not physically sick.  I get tired if I do too much and have to rest, but that's normal.  Scarlett does let me rest and nap in the afternoon which is a big help.  After I rest I feel a lot better and have more energy.  I am sleeping well at night so far but I do remember the pregnancy insomnia that happened with my first pregnancy as time progressed.  I'm sure this is in my future! I hope I can avoid getting sciatic nerve pain like I did last time, that was extremely painful.  My biggest issue is that I am not hungry and I have to force myself to eat. 

We've listed our house for sale and hope to receive an offer and move soon.  It's evident we've outgrown our current house and we need a bigger home.  It's going to be exciting to decorate the baby's room and get him new furniture.  I have to think about what theme I'd like the room to be whether it's dinosaurs, animals, etc.  Maybe I'll check Pinterest for some ideas!

I've started shopping for the baby and we've bought a lot of clothes, toys, and other items for him so far.  Baby boy clothes are not something I'm used to at all, but it's been fun for sure! My husband and I need to pick a name for him soon, but we've had some trouble agreeing.  I definitely think it will take more time to pick a name than it did with Scarlett.

Here's to hoping that the next few months fly by so we can meet baby brother! 

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