Thursday, February 21, 2019

Most Comfortable Shoes for Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant your body is changing and developing all the time as your baby begins to grow. However, with these changes, comes some interesting side effects, one of which being swollen and sore feet. For anyone who is a religious high heel wearer, this may be somewhat of a problem. Especially as, chances are that you favourite pair of high heels will not only be too uncomfortable to wear, but also will no longer fit you.

However, there is no reason to despair. To help you choose some more comfortable shoes for your pregnancy have a read of these top tips below.

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Choose an ankle boot over a knee high boot

Knee high boots can make you rather warm, and as during pregnancy you are more prone to heat, knee high boots might be a bit much. Plus, with swollen feet and ankle knee high boots might feel a little too snug. Instead invest in a pair of super comfortable ankle boots. They are not as tight, have more room for airflow and, best of all are on trend this season.


Loafers a soft and comfortable, and often have a breathable fabric lining, making them perfect for keeping you cool throughout your pregnancy. They offer an almost slipper-like feeling, so there is no need to worry about sore feet and ankles.


Super easy to slip on and off, flats are an excellent choice for warmer weather. They tend to be loose enough fitting so that if your feet swell you can still be comfortable. They are completely breathable and are usually available in a wide fit option as well as regular fit, making them perfect for pregnant feet. Aim to invest in a pair with a slightly raised sole, as this will help relieve any back and joint pains.

Choose wedges instead of heels

If you really don’t think you can live without your high heels, then make a small swap to wearing wedges instead. You will still have all the height of a high heel, but without all the pain that comes with it. Compared to heels, wedges are actually a lot more comfortable because there is a lot more support within the shoe, reducing the strain on your feet and ankles. For a gorgeous selection of comfortable shoes, you can visit high street shoe stores or online sites, such as JustFab.

If a high wedge seems too much but you have an event or special occasion to attend, invest in a pair of low wedges. They give the illusion of height, but are actually just very slightly raised. This slight height is great for using to make an outfit look more elegant, just like a conventional high heel.

Canvas shoes

Super lightweight and comfortable, canvas shoes are perfect if your feet are feeling sore. With a cushioned insole and a soft arch within the sole for extra support, these are perfecting for popping on after a long day. Plus, even if your feet swell dramatically, canvas shoes have an elasticated V in the tongue to help get them on and off easily.

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