Thursday, June 14, 2018

Scarlett's Dream Come True Seeing The Wiggles at The Wellmont Theater!

For some time now, Scarlett has really been into music whether it be top 40 songs or kiddy music.  She has her favorites and enjoys singing along to whatever she requests to hear. One of her favorite musical acts by far is the Wiggles.  Any parent of a toddler age child has probably heard of The Wiggles at some point or another.  If you haven't, I can guarantee your child will instantly fall in love with them.

The Wellmont Theater is a theater and concert venue located in Montclair, NJ.  The theater opened in 1922 and was originally intended for live entertainment until it switched to showing only movies in 1929.  It stayed the same until 2008, when it completed a large renovation and became an entertainment venue again.  Music was back and people flocked back to hear their favorite acts.  The location of the theater is in downtown Montclair and ideal for grabbing dinner or even some ice cream afterwards.  If you're not in the mood to eat, why not check out the various shops geared towards all interests? Parking can be a little tricky so make sure you find a spot ahead of your show.

There's always an individual or a band performing at the Wellmont Theater and I can guarantee you'll find an upcoming show that you'd enjoy seeing.  The variety of shows ranges from stand-up comedy, musical acts and more.  You can even rent the theater for a private event like a corporate reception.  Inside the theater you'll find The Pharmacie Liquor Bar, where you can get a drink before or after a show as well as grab something to eat.

Scarlett has had a love affair with The Wiggles for about a year now.  The Australian foursome is a singing and dancing group geared towards preschool age children.  Parents everywhere have surely gotten some of their songs stuck in their head, they're just too catchy! Scarlett is always singing Fruit Salad, Rock-a-Bye Your Bear, or Do The Propeller.  The current line-up consists of Emma, Lachy, Simon, and Anthony.  Some may know the Wiggles from their childhood since the group just celebrated their 25th anniversary.  I personally was not aware of them when I was younger. The group is known for their individual colors which represent which Wiggle they are.

Scarlett's favorite from the group is Emma, which isn't surprising! I think all little girls who are fans of the Wiggles gravitate towards her.  It's hard to resist her beautiful curly pigtails, smiling face, and love of bows!

When I found out that the group was bringing their Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Tour to the US, I was crossing my fingers that they'd be playing somewhere close to us.  Since we're in the tri-state area, I was hoping we'd have a shot since three states would be covered. Thankfully, The Wiggles heard my wiggly prayers and announced they'd be playing in Montclair, NJ!  Luckily, Montclair is under a 2 hour drive for us and I knew it was meant to be!

I prepared an Emma outfit for Scarlett to wear to the show ahead of time so she could channel her favorite lady.  This is her first real concert so I had to make it extra special! I ordered her special black and yellow show bows, a black and yellow hair bow, and of course she had an Emma costume that came all the way from Australia.  I think we have the black and yellow covered as best as possible, don't you agree?

On the day of the show, we made the drive to the Wellmont Theater and Scarlett was just as excited as ever.  I've been telling her for weeks and weeks that we'd be going and have been helping her count down the days.  The fact that the show date had finally arrived was incredible for my tiny tot.

I've never previously been to The Wellmont Theater before so I didn't know what to expect upon arrival.  The inside is intimate with ample restrooms, friendly staff, and bartenders on hand to serve you.  Flash photography is not allowed so make sure you know that before you go! I was going to bring my DSLR camera to the show, but unfortunately was not able to.

My husband Jay and I along with Scarlett were in the upper balcony.  You may think that this is not ideal seating, but it really is since you have a clear view of everything.  In my opinion, there's not a bad seat in the whole theater.  As soon as you exit the doors to the upper balcony, there's restrooms and a bar where you can get some popcorn or a quick drink.  That was very convenient for having to take a child to the restroom and there's monitors outside so you don't miss the show.

The Wiggles put on a fantastic show and Scarlett was singing and dancing through the entire thing.  All of The Wiggles have wonderful stage presence and interact with the audience throughout the show.  There's one part of the show where they collect posters and drawings that children in the audience bring for them.  Scarlett had a card for them and it was a fun moment for her to know they'll read her card at some point!

Whether they were wearing giraffe or fish costumes or doing Irish dances in glittery costumes, there was always something to see! Scarlett kept saying she wanted to hug Emma and wanted to go on stage to see her, but it was hard to explain to a 3.5 year old that she couldn't when Emma was right in front of her!

Of course they sang all of the tunes they were known for! It was magical to see all of the love that the children had for them. Even some of the parents were getting into it! Scarlett was so happy and it was an exciting to take her to her first concert in a different state and be up past her bedtime! A special night for sure.  It was wonderful as a parent to see Scarlett so happy and share an experience like this with her.

Our seats in the upper balcony were great and we were able to hear and see everything well.  All in all we had a great time and left with smiles and and memories.  Scarlett was also thrilled with her Wiggles shirt and toy figures too.

Jay and I are looking forward to coming back to Montclair in the future and going to another show for just the two of us.  It'll be exciting to check out the downtown for sure!

If you're looking for a fun venue that caters to all ages, it's time to make a trip to the Wellmont Theater!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to the Wellmont Theater for providing tickets in exchange for this post. All thoughts are strictly my own.

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