Saturday, June 9, 2018

Scarlett Loves Food

Out of the struggles I face with Scarlett, I'm lucky that food is not one of them.  I have friends who have children who eat next to nothing and it's a fight to get them to eat.  That seems extremely stressful and I'm fortunate to not have to deal with that.

From a young age, Scarlett has always enjoyed food.  I did my best to expose her to everything my husband and I liked so she wouldn't be a picky eater.  She loved veggies as a baby and that enthusiasm has continued into her toddlers years. Some of Scarlett's favorite snacks are carrots, chopped peppers, tomatoes, and veggie chips.  Of course she loves her fair share of junk, but gets very excited for vegetables.  She's a unique child!

Honestly, there's not much that Scarlett won't eat.  Even if she doesn't like a food, I encourage her to try it so she can determine if she truly doesn't like it, rather than showing disdain for it just by looking at it.  Some of her favorites are any kind of pasta with veggies, chicken and cheese quesadillas, fruit, soups (all kinds), stews/chili, fish, seafood, cheese, and much more.  She also loves roasted potatoes and snacks like crackers and air popped popcorn.  As Scarlett has gotten older she has been exposed to sugary treats and of course juice.  I try to limit juice and sweets but she loves any sweet drinks including lemonade.  Scarlett is a big carb lover like myself and can go to town on a wedge of cheese or a bowl of pasta in record time.

Scarlett's portions are big and sometimes it surprises me how much she can eat! She eats more than I do on occasion!.  Her weight is fine and she's an active child, so I let her eat as much as she wants within reason.  It's hard to eat around her because she wants what you're eating even if she has the same thing.  My husband and I have to eat usually after she goes to bed because she'll want a 2nd dinner.

People are often impressed with her zest for food and wish their children were like her.  I hope she always has an interest in food because it makes me one happy mom!

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