Friday, June 22, 2018

Protect Your Home With Guardzilla's Security Camera

One of my greatest fears is having my house broken into.  Luckily, it's never happened to me but that doesn't mean it can't at any point.  The thought of a burglar in my home rifling through drawers and cabinets and stealing things is very unnerving.  I'm fortunate that Lynnie is an amazing watch dog and would probably attack anyone who broke in.  When I'm not home, I'd like the comfort of knowing I can be alerted if an intruder is in my home.  That's where Guardzilla steps in.

Guardzilla is an easily deployable home security system with no monthly fees or installation that allows you to monitor your home or workspace.  The brand offers a few different security camera options including indoor and outdoor ones that have a variety of features, depending on your needs.  Everyone will quickly fall in love with the Guardzilla 360 Indoor camera which is the first wi-fi security camera to deliver 360 degree live streaming video from your phone.  This is cutting edge since most other camera only allow you to see one view, but Guardzilla lets you see the entire room! 

The camera is easy to set-up and once you connect it to your wi-fi, you can start watching your home anytime, anywhere! Whenever motion is detected, you'll receive a push button notification to your smartphone alerting you.  A great bonus feature of the camera is that the infrared sensors let you see clear videos images at night and in dark, shaded areas.  The video intercom lets you hear everything and talk if need be.

It's always a good idea to have your home monitored while you're home and away.  Yes, you can ask neighbors to keep an eye on your home, but they can't watch it 24/7.  My family and I go on frequent trips during the summer and it would give me great peace of mind to be able to check on my home from my phone while I'm out of town.  Imagine you saw an intruder in your home and had the ability to call the police and stop something horrible while it was happening? That makes me feel much better.  

Another idea for this camera is being able to watch and speak to your family whenever you want.  Let's say you go on a work trip and your husband stays home with the kids.  You can check in and see and speak to them whenever you want.  It will surely make being away easier.

There are two steps for installation for the camera.  The first step is taking it out of the box, and the second is downloading the free app and following the instructions for installation from it.  You won't be drilling holes in your walls to mount a camera or doing anything labor intensive, it's that easy! You'll also be thrilled that there are no monthly fees with the camera either.

Since the camera is compact, it can easily sit on a counter, a table, a bookshelf, or wherever you'd like to place it.  In my home, my living room is near the front door and I chose to place it on a ledge so I can have full access of the entire room.   If you're looking to use this as a nanny camera or a sort of "secret" camera, this one is not for you because it's noticeable and out in the open.

Once the camera was connected to my Wi-Fi and completely installed, it was time to see how it looked from my phone.  When you turn on the app, you can disarm the camera if you're home so you don't have constant notifications of activity.

You're able to see basic things in the app like settings, event history, monitoring, and a list of connected cameras if you have more than one in your home.  The app is very user friendly and I had no issue navigating it.  I was instructed by my iPhone to update my iOS software to make sure it's the best version for the app.

The push button notification came on my phone and it was a little unsettling to say the least!  I knew it was me, but you never want to see that notification obviously.

It was helpful to be able to have my whole living room monitored at once, nothing goes unseen with Guardzilla!

The images are not crystal clear but clear enough to realize what you're seeing, or who you're seeing! All of the images captured from motion are stored in the event history of the app.  You can go back and see the images or watch any of the video at any time.  It's convenient to have everything in one place so you don't have to look for it elsewhere.

This camera is wonderful to have and I feel essential for every home to own one.  Material items and possessions can be replaced, but your family cannot.  Be safe and don't take your safety for granted.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Guardzilla for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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