Monday, June 25, 2018

Children Can Sing Their Heart Out With Singing Machine Karaoke Machines

Scarlett's personality is in full force these days! When she's not cracking me up on an hourly basis with her antics and silliness, she's singing and dancing.  She has her favorites whether they range from kid songs to real top 40 hits.  Scarlett requests the tunes she wants to hear and enjoys singing them anytime, anywhere. Who knows, maybe I have an emerging singer on my hands?

Singing Machine works to be the recognized leader in home karaoke and entertainment by creating products that are innovative, fun, and complement an entertaining lifestyle.  The brand offers a range of different machines that cater to children and adults.  Whether you're looking for a downloadable series that works with strictly downloaded music only, the classic series that is ready to be plugged in and enjoyed right out of the box, or the kid's series which offers sing-along toys that create bright beginnings for your child.  Some machines offer special sound and light features too to really make your experience even better.

Whichever machine you choose, I can guarantee you'll have a fun experience with.  If you're looking for a unique gift for the person who has everything, a karaoke machine will brighten their day.  Who knows, maybe you'll even be invited to karaoke night in the future! 

I opted for the Singing Machine Tabeoke in the pink/purple combo for my tiny tot.  Did you know that music helps children develop confidence, creativity, and brain power? Tabeoke is more than up to the task of helping.  Stream your little one's favorite tunes on this bluetooth-compatible system or enjoy access to thousands of karaoke classics with the app for iOS! Feel free to coax your child into the limelight with a duet for two! Plug in an additional microphone to have a delightful duet you'll never forget. The Tabeoke machine makes an exciting present for any child.

The system works with any tablet and supports many apps.  While this unit is geared towards children, I can guarantee that a person of any age will be interested to use it! Mothers, Fathers, and even Grandparents will want to give it a go. 

Once the unit arrived, Scarlett was very excited to set it up and start belting out some tunes.  What would she sing first? The Ants Go Marching or maybe her longtime favorite, One Call Away? Only time would tell!

The machine is ready to go right out of the box.  Little girls will love the girly aspect of the bright pink and purple which will catch their eye.   It's easy to connect the machine to bluetooth and have music play from Amazon Music or any other service.  You can also use your iPad or iPhone to play MP3's as well.  Children will also enjoy using it without music like a PA system to make announcements or talk with the echo turned up.  I know Scarlett loves hearing herself talk!
I connected the Tabeoke machine via Bluetooth to my phone in a matter of seconds.  Since I don't have music stored on my phone, I streamed songs from YouTube which was just as convenient.  The sound quality is perfect and crystal clear.  Scarlett of course requested to hear her kid favorites and was so excited to sing along to the Frozen soundtrack and Moana.  It was fun to see the joy and excitement in her eyes while I watched her sing.

The knobs on the machine are large and ideal for little hands to turn with ease.  The microphone is not heavy to hold and Scarlett's voice was clearly heard when she sung into it.  She now thinks she's a singer and wants me to watch her sing constantly.  It's very funny.  I can't wait for her friends to come over and use it with her.

Since the unit is portable, you can use it in any room of your home with ease.  It's very lightweightt and runs on an AC adapter, but also is battery compatible if you want to bring it in the backyard or even to the pool.  Wherever you want to go, let the singing fun come with you.  Children will have a blast singing their favorite songs when their friends come over, or even at sleepovers.  You can buy an additional microphone to rev up the experience and allow duets to happen.

Everyone enjoys karaoke and now you can have it happen anytime you want in the comfort of your own home.  Maybe you'll even use the Tabeoke machine for Family Fun Nights? Break out the snacks and drinks and get ready for some fun performances.

However you incorporate the Tabeoke Singing Machine into your family's life, I can promise it'll always be a fantastic time!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to The Singing Machine for providing a sample unit in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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