Sunday, March 11, 2018

Scarlett is Officially Potty Trained!

There's big news in our house! Scarlett is officially out of pull-ups and in big girl underwear.  Can you believe it?

The transition happened very recently and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Scarlett was in pull-ups for months and would use the bathroom occasionally, but not as much as I would like. She was still having accidents and I was getting tired of it.  I'd been changing her for over 3 years now and enough was enough!

One morning I woke up and I told myself today would be the day.  I spoke to Scarlett and told her she's a big girl now and it was time to get rid of the pull-ups.  She seemed interested and I explained to her that she'd no longer be wearing the pull-ups, but would be in underwear during the day.  I did mention that at night she still needed one for the time being.  My husband took her box of pull-ups out of her room and told her we'd be getting rid of them and she had no issues with it!

I had a few packs of underwear waiting for her so she'd be ready for when this day came. I treated this situation like how I did when I got rid of her pacifier and informed her that she can have a reward for being a big girl.  Scarlett said she'd like a Mickey Mouse toy to document the event, so off we went to Target!

In the days that followed, Scarlett really did very well and it was like a switch flipped in her brain overnight.   Honestly, she barely had any accidents, maybe one a day and that was it.  I stayed on top of Scarlett to ensure that she'd use the bathroom frequently.  You might say I went overboard with reminding her but it was worth it to me to have that drilled into her mind.

I'm happy to report that today is day 3 of being completely accident free.  Scarlett has also woken up two mornings in a row with a dry night-time pull-up.  If this pattern continues for several more days in a row, she can ditch the night-time pull up and be in underwear full-time! 

As a parent, I am extremely proud of this milestone.  It's a really big deal and we'll be saving a lot of money on pull-ups too! 

Scarlett is growing up so fast and I'm happy for each milestone achieved but I wish time would slow down just a little. 

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