Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Keeping Kids Active Outdoors Is Important

Now that the weather has been warmer here, Scarlett spends a lot of time outside.  She has plenty of energy and needs to get it out for her to not be destructive indoors.

My tiny tot goes to school two days a week and they spend an hour outside each day playing in their fenced in playground.  I'm sure Scarlett really loves that and it helps to her to calm down.

In my opinion, kids should spend as much time outside as they can.  Use the outdoors as a learning opportunity to teach them about nature and animals.  Scarlett is very into flowers, especially dandelion weeds.  I love how excited she gets to see those yellow flowers, she points and yells "yellow" while I help her pick them.  

The spring here in New England has been slightly moody and hasn't been consistently warm.  One day it's in the 50's, the next the high 70's.  Once the weather heats up a bit more over the next few weeks we can get out Scarlett's inflatable pool and set up the sprinkler.  

Scarlett will be going to camp throughout the summer and they will spend plenty of time outdoors. They pack so much into that 4 hour day and Scarlett always comes home tired and happy. 

It's healthy for children to be outside rather than cooped up watching TV indoors, especially in good weather.  Make sure your littles get outside and get that energy out!

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