Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Valentine's Day is Just Days Away!

Not everyone is into celebrating Valentine's Day, but if you are what are your plans for it? 

Scarlett's school is having a morning celebration for it and I'll be bringing in some treats for it.  She's also picked out some PJ Masks (her favorite TV show) Valentine's cards for the kids in her class so we'll get those ready this weekend.  I'm glad her school allows sugary treats for celebrations because apple slices aren't exciting for Valentine's Day but cupcakes are!

I aways like to give Scarlett something fun for each occasion so I went to the dollar store and got her a cute Valentine's Day mailbox and inside I put a stuffed animal, stickers, and a tiny bag of Hershey's kisses.  For just a few bucks, this will make her very happy.  The dollar store has a ton of Valentine's Day decorations and candy if you're not looking to break the bank but want to decorate for it.

I bought my husband Jay a card and some candy for the love-filled event.  I'm sure I'll also go out and get him something else because I love to give gifts.  Of course I'll cook a nice meal that night as well.  

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Valentine's Day filled with lots of chocolate!

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