Sunday, October 1, 2017

Having Your Child Help in the Kitchen is Important

Scarlett is finally at an age where she knows and understands what goes on in the kitchen. She knows that the oven and stove are hot and that she cannot touch them.  My tiny tot is well aware of all of the delicious foods that emerge from the kitchen and what exactly is inside the fridge and freezer.  Scarlett has no issue demanding certain foods from the kitchen all day and even opening the fridge to help herself!

As a parent, there's nothing I enjoy more than making memories with my child.  As of a few months ago I started having Scarlett help in the kitchen when I cook or bake.  She's always been interested to watch me cook, but I knew she'd love the hands on activity just as much.  My biggest challenge with this is mess.  It's hard for me to accept that she will most likely make a mess and there will be something to clean up.  I like my kitchen to remain clean at all times, but I have to let go and just enjoy spending time with her.  It's easier said than done, but I've managed to make it happen. :) 

Scarlett has helped me make pizza, cookies, and dog treats to name a few.  With the pizza, I put the sauce on the pizza crust and then had her completely cover the sauce in cheese.  She's a huge pizza lover so I believe it was extra exciting for her because she got to chow down on her beloved pizza once it was done.  For the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies we made, I pretty much let her help every step of the way from the pouring and mixing of the ingredients to even cracking eggs.  I may have had to step in from time to time to stir more than she had, but all in all she did a really good job. Scarlett may not realize it, but she's learning the beginnings of cooking with me. 

It's always exciting to see how your children respond to new experiences especially if they love them.  Since I enjoy cooking and baking so much, I hope she grows up with that same culinary love.  I'd be very interested to show her how to make my favorite dishes and even try some new ones with her along the way.  

There's nothing more fulfilling than spending time making memories with your children. They are only small for so long! Go ahead and whip up some peanut butter cookies with your little ones today. The cookies will be fabulous and so will those long-lasting memories. 

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