Friday, July 28, 2017

Make Playtime Fun with Cubbie Lee Toys

As Scarlett gets older, the types of toys she has interest in has certainly changed.  Gone are the days of shape sorters, baby rattles, and stacking rings.  Nowadays, my girl loves pretend play and is most happy pushing a fake vacuum or dressing up in princess costumes.  Since I stay at home with her, we spend a lot of the day playing with fake makeup or putting on pretend costume jewelry. Scarlett is very girly and enjoys all things meant for little girls!

Cubbie Lee Toys offers adorable quality made classic wooden toys that are built to last.  If you're a parent who enjoys battery-free toys for your little one, you've come to the right place.  Your child can dive into puzzles, train sets, building blocks and more starting from 6 months all the way up to 5 years old.  

Your daughter will be delighted to play with a tea set or fruit chopping set, while your son can enjoy a pull along alligator or wooden Noah's Ark.  The toys feature bright, eye-catching colors that will offer hours of fun and entertainment.  Any toy from Cubbie Lee makes a fabulous baby gift or present for any occasion for a lucky boy or girl.  Keep the brand in mind for any of your future gift giving needs. 

Our third floor loft has been Scarlett's playroom since she was born.  When you walk into the playroom, you'll instantly notice that it's any child's toy dream come true.  We have lots of fun toys that are electronic and play music, and any child who comes over to play gravitates towards them. Although we have a lot of battery operated toys, what we lack is wooden toys.  There's something so simplistic and interesting about wooden toys, and I know our playroom could benefit from them.  On the plus side, it gives my ears a break! 

Scarlett was lucky enough to receive the Afternoon Tea Set and Animal Truck.  The tea set is for 3 years and up and the truck is meant for ages 18m+.  Both toys are adorable and Scarlett was instantly drawn to them.  

The tea set offers a tray, three cakes, two tea cups, a teapot, and a set of cutlery.  You'll notice that it's made from durable and sustainable wood with long-lasting velcro to secure the cake pieces together.  Not only is this tea set perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, it's ideal for children who love imaginative play.  You'll love the pretty pink color that it comes in and it would surely make any little girl happy.

As soon as we opened the box, Scarlett wanted to play right away.  I told her we were going to have a tea party and she was very excited.  I set up the set on our play table and she pointed to the fake desserts and smiled.  She's just like her mom and enjoys sweets, what can I say! For our pretend tea party, Scarlett had peppermint tea in her cup while I sipped on chamomile.  She enjoyed stirring her tea with the included spoon, but she thought I should stir mine with a fork.  I did have to remind her that the desserts were fake and we could only pretend to eat them! Next time, I should include a few real cookies to make her happy.

We spent about 45 minutes playing with the tea set which is a long time for a 2 year old! I'm happy that Scarlett enjoyed it so much and I know she will love to have a tea party with her friends when they come over soon.

Over the past few months, Scarlett has become a huge animal lover.  She loves our dog Lynnie and constantly wants to hug and pet her, as well as excitedly pointing to dogs who are out for a walk when we're out.  I'm passionate about animals myself, so it makes me happy that we share that connection.  When I found out Cubbie Lee makes an Animal Truck, I knew it would be perfect for her.  Your child will enjoy the beautifully crafted truck complete with a chunky zebra, hippo, crocodile and giraffe, each perfectly sized for little hands to grab.  The truck is made from durable and sustainable wood, with smooth edges and wheel motion.

What I like most about this truck is that it's gender neutral, since all children like animals.  The flatbed holds the four animals securely when they are driven and Scarlett enjoys driving them all around the playroom.  There was a pitstop at one point where she thought each animal was hungry and tried to give it crackers and water.  I love how caring she is! 

Since the animals are large, even the smallest of hands can hold them with ease.  Their chunky size is ideal for hours of fun.  

Wooden toys allow children to use their imagination and creativity to come up with their own fun, instead of pushing buttons which preprogram them with entertainment.  It's a nice change to see how Scarlett plays with a toy without batteries.  

Thanks to Cubbie Lee Toys, we'll have hours of fun and memories that are sure to come! 

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Cubbie Lee Toys for providing product samples in order to facilitate this review, all thoughts are strictly my own.  

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