Sunday, June 25, 2017

Scarlett's 2 1/2 Year Update

It's been a few months since I last did an update on Scarlett.  She turned two in December and there's been many changes since I last posted!

Scarlett has finished preschool now and her first year went so well! She will start her 3's program in September and go 2 days a week.

We've been doing speech therapy since February and there's been a big improvement in Scarlett's communication! When you used to ask her to repeat words she would ignore you, or say a sound that sounded like "guh" no matter what the word was.  Now she actually will try to say the word which is wonderful to hear!  She's picked up many words along the way including no! She says no to a lot of things now which is typical at this age.  Scarlett is very social and says hi to everyone she sees when we're out.  If they ignore her, she'll yell 'HI!" at them! I have to tell her that not everyone wants to say hi, but it's nice that she's so friendly!  She has about 50-60 words which is wonderful because she wasn't even speaking at the start of the year. 

One big change is her love of the alphabet.  Scarlett knows about 15 letters now and can identify them when asked and also points them out on her own when she sees them in her books or when we're out. She knows A,B,C,D,E,G,H,T,I, and O. Everyday we're working on learning more letters and she is really interested to learn! I'm happy she's so enthusiastic to learn and responds to it positively.  The next step will eventually be learning the difference between lowercase and capital letters and also letter sounds.  I don't think that will be happening for a while though.  Numbers is also something we're working on and she can count from 1-10.  

Sesame Street is still one of Scarlett's favorite shows and we watch it daily.  She knows all of the characters names and screams Elmo happily whenever she sees him! That furry red monster has her heart for sure.  We're going back to Sesame Place this summer and I'm sure she'll be so excited.

Scarlett's going to 4 weeks of summer camp this summer which her school hosts starting tomorrow.  We're all registered for it and I'm sure she'll have a blast! She went last summer when she was 18 months old and had such a good time.  I had no problems with her transitioning despite her young age and the fact that she had never been away from me either.  I'm teaching her to be independent which is a good quality to be.

As I wrote on my blog a few weeks back, I'm giving Scarlett choices to help her feel like she has some control and freedom to make her own decisions.  She picks out her outfit for the day from her drawers and also what she wants to eat, and what shoes she wants to wear for the day.  I'm sure she enjoys feeling like she has a say in her life!

Crayons are really big in our house right now.  Scarlett loves to color whenever she can and enjoys coloring in her Finding Dory and Frozen coloring books. I have to put her in a booster seat to color at the table because she's colored on our walls one too many times!  She also enjoys play-doh as well as her sticker books.

Scarlett loves babies and gets so excited whenever she sees them! It's very sweet and she always wants to touch their hands and make sure they're ok.  She asks me to show her videos of babies on YouTube all day or pictures on Google images too! 

Potty training is something that we're going to be revisiting this summer.  I tried in February and I think she was still too young and just not ready.  Hopefully in another two months, she'll be ready! I'm ready to have a break from diapers. 

Scarlett still continues to love books and has favorites which she asks us to read daily.  She's still a good eater for the most part and loves her veggies! I've gotten a little more lenient over time and allowed her to have juice occasionally and a cookie here or there.  You gotta live, right?

It's been so fun watching Scarlett grow and change and I can't wait to see what else this year brings!

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