Monday, June 26, 2017

Be Stocked With Cottonelle's Mega Roll This Summer #NeverRunOut @Cottonelle @Walmart #ad

Now that summer is in full swing, it's time to plan and enjoy those pool parties and BBQ's.  I can't imagine anything more fun then being surrounded by friends and family and delicious food.  What more could you want? Make sure you have plenty of fabulous appetizers and drinks on hand to make your guest's bellies happy.  Don't forget plenty of sweet treats either!

When you constantly entertain guests during the warmer months of the year, you'll need to make sure your bathroom is stocked and ready for them with toilet paper.  It's essential to never run out because that would not make for a fun party! Cottonelle's Mega Roll lasts longer which allows you to not have to change the roll as frequently.  Did you know that one mega roll equals 4 regular rolls? That will certainly last for some time!

Thankfully, you can find Cottonelle's Mega Roll at your local Walmart.  I went there to purchase a 12 pack today and found many packs of it waiting to be bought and brought into people's home.  You'll be able to choose from ComfortCare or CleanCare, depending on your preference.  You'll be happy with the quality of it each time you use it.

Along with my toilet paper purchase, I picked up some snacks for Scarlett's friends who will be coming over this weekend to play.  They are big fans of goldfish and fruit snacks!

I like that Cottonelle offers quality toilet paper at an unbeatable price.  Go ahead and visit your Walmart today so you'll be stocked up for guests this summer.   You can even save $1 on your Mega Roll purchase starting on 6/28! Save money and have great toilet paper in your home, what can be better?

We don't live near a Walmart Grocery Pickup, but if you do you'll be able to get your BBQ supplies and toilet paper needs met at the same time.  It would be so nice if I was able to order all of my groceries ahead of time and then pick them up when I felt like it!

Thanks to Cottonelle's long lasting toilet paper, you can have a fun and enjoyable summer without having to worry about bathroom needs.

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