Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Make Bathtime Fun with Nuby! #NubyUSA @NubyUSA

Scarlett definitely looks forward to bath time each night.  Her baths consist of either lots of bubbles or a tablet that colors the water pink or blue.  Along with making the water fun, she has plenty of bath toys to keep her company too.  I think it's safe to say this is bath heaven for all toddlers! Make sure your little one enjoys bath time as it's an important step of a bedtime routine!

Nuby is one brand that I've been familiar with since my daughter was born in 2014.  I used their sippy cups and feeding items with Scarlett and quickly came to love them.  Most of my baby spoons are Nuby brand and they've served us well from starting solids to beyond! If you aren't familiar with the brand, they offer baby and toddler items ranging from feeding and cups/bottles to toys, bibs, pacifiers and much more.  You can rely on them for quality products for your little one and you'll quickly recommend them to friends and family.  If you're going to a baby shower or need a new baby present, anything from Nuby would be the perfect gift.

Scarlett has been on an alphabet kick for the past six months.  She has a love affair that knows no bounds.  She belts out the ABC's with no notice whenever the mood strikes her.  At 2 1/2 she can identify about half of the letters on paper if you ask her.  The alphabet song is one of her favorite songs and I play it for her a lot on YouTube.  When Scarlett identifies a letter in a book correctly without me even asking it makes me feel like one proud mama! 

We're working on her numbers as sometimes she's not as confident with those.  She can count to 10 but sometimes has trouble identifying numbers correctly.  One day she is correctly identifying the number 3 and the next day she calls it 4.  We're trying to practice with her as much as we can. 

I figure that bath time is as great of a place as any to practice, right? Nuby's Bath Letters & Numbers offer adorable soft foam letters and numbers that not only float in the bath, but stick on the walls too.  All parents have to multitask with little ones, now you can have your child learn and get clean at the same time!

Scarlett really enjoys this bath set and the bright colors are attention-grabbing and draw children to them.  Most of the set offers a different color or pattern that occasionally repeats on some pieces.  These are the most stylish letters and numbers I've ever seen! The set is easy to hold whether your child wants to watch them hang out in the water or stick them on the tub wall.  Once you stick them to the tub wall, they securely stay there. We've had previous sets that quickly fall down and don't stay put at all.  You can even move them to a different spot and they still stick perfectly. 

My tub princess enjoys identifying each letter and number and gets so excited when she says them correctly.  It's exciting when your child learns and is proud of themselves!  We have a special suction cup bath basket that the letters store in when not in use that allows the water to drain from them.  It would be handy if Nuby gave a storage bag to put them in when your child is not in the bath though.

Bath time is certainly more exciting to my little one with Nuby's new bath letters and numbers in it now! Keep the set in mind for your child to entertain them while they're getting squeaky clean.

You can buy the set here.

*DISCLOSURE* As a member of Nuby's Parent Blogger Program, I have received the items in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are strictly mine.  

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