Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Every Mom-To-Be Would Enjoy a My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

There are so many precious keepsake gifts for moms and new babies out there that it can be hard to choose.  Any mom-to-be would be delighted to have a personalized blanket with their child's name on it or even a customized picture frame too with the baby's birth information after they are born.  If you currently expecting a new baby, why not treat yourself to something that you'll treasure for years to come?

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear is a wonderful pregnancy keepsake that any parent will absolutely love. The kit contains an adorable stuffed animal and a 20 second red heart recorder that will easily preserve the sound of your baby's heartbeat.  You can have your baby's heartbeat recorded at any ultrasound appointment to put back inside the bear.  This makes a fantastic baby shower gift that will be unlike anything else you receive! 

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear comes in many different animals including a lamb, bear, puppy, turtle, and more.  If you want to announce your pregnancy in style, why not send a turtle with your baby's heartbeat in it to your mom or grandma? They will be shocked! Later on, the keepsake will be perfect on a shelf or dresser in your child's room.  There's even a gender reveal kit that you can give to the ultrasound technician. The animal will either have a bow tie or tutu depending on the gender.  Surely this would be a fun way to do a gender reveal party! 

I wish I had a My Baby's Heartbeat Bear when I was pregnant, it would have been a wonderful thing to remember my pregnancy by.  I did do a 3D Ultrasound with my daughter and was able to have the session recorded.  You can hear and see her heartbeat on the DVD, but it's not the same as this bear.  It's a wonderful keepsake to have for years to come! 

When I do become pregnant again in the near future, I will definitely be using a My Baby's Heartbeat animal to have my 2nd child's heartbeat recorded in.  It would also be a helpful tool during my pregnancy to be able to show Scarlett to remind her that her baby brother or sister is coming.  I'm sure she will love playing with it too.  

These cuddly animals are special and really are meaningful.  If you're planning on having a child soon, having your baby's heartbeat preserved is something you can't put a price tag on.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to My Baby's Heartbeat Bear for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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