Monday, April 3, 2017

French Toast Clothes Will Make Your Child Look Adorable All Year Round

It's finally spring and I couldn't be more excited.  We've had months of snow and cold weather and I'm absolutely ready for some warmer temps! I want to permanently put away my winter jacket and embrace the nice weather outside.  As the temperatures heat up over the next few weeks, that means being able to wear cute spring and summer clothes.  Luckily for Scarlett, I've been shopping for her summer wardrobe for quite a while now.  I can't wait to see all of her adorable outfits on her this summer!

French Toast is a leader in children's uniform apparel that carries over 6,000 individual colors, styles, and sizes in stock all year round.  Their soft, relaxed fitting collared shirts and pants ensure your kids abide by their school uniform while staying in style.  Not only does French Toast offer uniform items, but adorable and affordable street wear too.  With sizes 2T all the way up to junior, your child can look their best for years to come.  Keep French Toast in mind for your child's uniform needs for back-to-school in September, as well as out-of-school clothes too! There's a look for everyone's tastes that all parents will love.

I'm particular with Scarlett's clothes, I have to say.  There are lots of styles in store that I walk by and don't like at all.  Her wardrobe contains animal print, polkadots, ruffles and sequins, as well as solid prints too.  I like for her to look her best at all time and she has certain favorite pieces in her closet too.  When I stumbled upon French Toast's clothing, I knew that there were items that would be both Mom and Scarlett approved.

Scarlett was sent the Spring Blue Romper and the Pink Long-Sleeve Girls Crewneck with Lace shirt. Both items fit Scarlett well and are comfortable on her.  I couldn't be more pleased at how affordable both were too!  I do wish that there was room to grow in each article of clothing, it seems like they may not fit Scarlett for too long.

The spring blue romper is perfect for upcoming summer weather.  A romper is always stylish and can be paired with sneakers or sandals, depending on what look you go for.  This romper features a pretty blend of blue, white, and black making it ideal for black or white sandals this summer.

Scarlett instantly loved it when she saw it and wanted to try it on right away.  Even though we're a month or so from being able to wear it, that doesn't stop us from trying it on anyway! The bow on the front is a stylish touch which gives the romper a boost of personality.  I can definitely see her wearing it this summer to the park, the playground, and wherever else we go.  The romper fits well and the straps on her shoulders were secure and not loose at all.  This is such a cute item that any little girl should have in her closet! The only thing I would change is having snaps on the bottom so the romper can be put over the child's head.  Scarlett had to have her legs put into it first then pulled up to zip.  I've never had a romper like that before.

One thing that I love about the pink long-sleeve shirt is how versatile it is.  Since it's long-sleeves, you can pair it with overalls, a zip-up hoodie, and even a puffer vest over it depending on what you like best.  You can also just wear it by itself too if you prefer.  Scarlett has a lot of pink in her closet and it seems to be her signature color.  I'd say black leggings, black jeans, or denim jeans would look perfect with this shirt.  You can even choose black leggings with a design on them too.  The shirt fits well and looks great on her.  I love the lace design on the front and back which gives the shirt more of a fun edge than just being a solid color.

Both Scarlett and I are excited about the new additions to her closet and look forward to wearing them.  I will definitely be keeping French Toast in mind for any of Scarlett's future clothing needs.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to French Toast for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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