Friday, March 31, 2017

An Easter Breakfast The Whole Family Will Love

Easter is just a few weeks away! This year is flying by, don't you think? 

If you're doing an Easter breakfast or brunch, I have an adorable festive idea to serve that "every bunny" in your family will love.  How can you resist adorable Easter Bunny Buns made with cinnamon rolls? You can't, that's how.

Ingredients: 1 package of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls or orange rolls (or you could make your own too)
8 M&M candies
4 raisins
8 almond slices

1. Place 4 of the cinnamon rolls on a baking sheet, this will be the bunny's face. 
2. Unroll the remaining 4 rolls.  Fold each unrolled roll in half, then each half in half again, creating bunny ears.  Place each one touching the top of a roll placed on the cookie sheet.  Adjust accordingly to make bunny ears.  
3. Bake according to package directions.  Use the frosting included in the can (or you can use your own homemade cinnamon roll frosting) to frost the bunny ears and face.
4. Once frosted place 2 M&M's on each bunny making eyes.  Use a raisin for the nose and 2 sliced almonds for the teeth.

This recipe makes 4 bunny buns each.  The kids in your family will love these and be very excited.  I'm sure you can even have them help you too.

You'll be asked to make this every Easter and it'll quickly become a family favorite, I'm sure.  Happy eating!

*DISCLOSURE* This recipe was taken from Real Mom Kitchen.  I am simply sharing it as I felt others would enjoy it.  All credit has been given.  

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