Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Secure Your Property, Or Else!

Do you know what the best career path for a criminal is? Well, it’s stealing from you. They could stick up stores and rob banks for high-risk with a high return. Chances are they will get caught, though.

So why you? Well less than fifteen-percent of home intruders are caught and you might have some valuables on offer. In 2010 alone, professionals estimated that there were over seven-hundred thousand incidents of home burglary in a year. Some go un-noticed, some go unreported - for whatever reason.

Now, estate agents use terms like ‘curb appeal’ to describe appealing properties. The more curb appeal your property has, the more value it should have. The same applies to criminals. When they are casing the property, curb appeal applies and will have an effect on their decision to steal from the property. They will take a close look at your property, multiple times over and make a move based on what they know.
So what are they looking for? Well, they are looking for something risk free. If your lawn is overgrown, it might suggest that the property is vacant. If your property is vacant, criminals are going to target it for obvious reasons. An overgrown lawn may invite the criminals to take a closer eye at your property to asses its worth to them as a target.

Now, this - above all is what you want to avoid. When criminals start taking a closer inspection, that’s the point of no-return. One criminal might be desperate enough to chance the risk when others might not. Letting criminals inspect your home or giving them reason to do so is the biggest mistake you can make.

But, you might say, it’s not in my hands! But it is. If you take simple precautions, you’ll make your property less of a target. In fact, some precautions might deter criminals altogether.

Firstly, lock your doors and windows. We all want to live in a safe world, but there’s a reason for this article. Locking your doors isn’t going to hurt you, but it is probably going to deter a break-in. Secondly, invest in a security system - there are plenty of options but a site like can help you sift through them. A security system is going to not only deter the crime, but will actively assist you in the event of a break-in by notifying the authorities. Replacing fragile points of entry is also a good idea. Not only can older doors and windows be forced open, they are easier to destroy and break. Criminals will chance making noise and damage if they believe the reward is worth it.

It’s all about advertising your property. If you make it clear that it’s worth a criminal looking at, they are going to. Don’t make it easy. Secure your property before it’s too late.

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