Monday, January 2, 2017

Save Money At Garage and Consignment Sales With a New Baby

Let's face it, babies are expensive.  Between diapers, wipes, clothes and formula along with all of the other gear that comes with having a baby, it adds up! Of course you can find regular coupons to save on diapers and formula, but beyond those coupons there's not much retail savings on everything else a baby needs.

If you're currently pregnant or just had a new baby, garage sales and consignment sales are the best way you'll save money with a baby.  I remember when I was pregnant in the summer of 2014, I drove myself all around my town going to every garage sale I could find.  My town also frequently has consignment sales geared towards children.  You can save anywhere from 50-80% off retail prices.  Hello, savings!

Stocking up for Scarlett and getting everything she needs was what I was looking to do before I had her.  Obviously we preferred to have some things new like her baby furniture and travel system, but it makes sense to buy some things used.  I remember getting her changing table pad for $5, and knowing that they sold for about $30 online.  Why pay $8 or more for children's books when you can pay a quarter or 50 cents each? Just wipe them down and you're good to go.  I don't think any book in Scarlett's bookshelf was purchased brand new.  We have a whole collection of books for her that we paid practically nothing for.

My best purchase was an entire gigantic Rubbermaid container filled with clothes from newborn to 12 months that looked brand new.  Some of the clothes had tags on them and were never even worn! I paid $25 for the entire tub and the seasons of the clothing matched up perfectly to Scarlett.  It was truly like winning the baby lottery! I can't even tell you how many pants, dresses, shirts, and pajamas were in that tub.  That saved us so much money and was probably worth a few hundred dollars.

I buy most of Scarlett's toys from garage sales.  Of course I see so many toys that look very used and dirty, I don't buy those.  Anything I buy has to be in excellent condition.  I wipe it down with disinfectant wipes and then let her play with it.  Why pay $30 for a toy when I can pay $2? She has a whole playroom of toys for the fraction of the cost of what they would be new.  She's happy about it and so am I!

Over the summer, I went to a garage sale and bought her a $3 Halloween costume that looked in excellent condition.  I washed it and put it away in her closet.  I saw a similar giraffe costume online for $35.  There's no reason that I would pay $35 for her to wear something for just a short amount of time.  I saw a bag of a package of 10 brand new pacifiers too for $5.  Each package cost about $5 in the store and there's 2 pacifiers in each package.  So instead of paying $50, you're saving $45! 

It's such a thrill to find a good deal that you know your child could need or want.  Saving money is so enjoyable and I really love doing it.  Every weekend you'll find me at garage sales in the morning during the warmer months of the year.  I hope Scarlett will come with me when she's older! I don't think people realize how much money they can save for their kids at garage sales.  There's always a good deal to be found, and it's time you find yours today!

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