Thursday, December 22, 2016

Scarlett's Love Of Food

Out of the struggles I face with Scarlett, I'm lucky that food is not one of them.  I have friends who have children who eat next to nothing and it's a fight to get them to eat.  That seems extremely stressful and I'm fortunate to not have to deal with that.

When I picked Scarlett up from her school's holiday camp yesterday, her teacher told me that she had finished her entire lunch and she seemed surprised.  I told her food is not a problem in our household and she likes to eat a little too much! I had packed Scarlett half a turkey sandwich, blueberries, tomatoes, and goldfish.  It was not surprising to me that Scarlett had eaten her entire lunch.  What can I say? That girl loves to eat!

Honestly, there's not much that Scarlett won't eat.  Her favorites are chicken nuggets with ketchup, chicken and cheese quesadillas, pasta and peas, and of course tons of fruits and veggies.  She also loves roasted potatoes and snacks like crackers and air popped popcorn.  I try to limit sweets and sugar even though it's harder as she gets older and goes to parties and events.  I do not buy juice at home and she primarily only drinks water and milk.  Chili is also on Scarlett's list of food she loves as well as cornbread and rolls.  She doesn't refuse much food but doesn't always seem to love pizza.  She will eat it on occasion and then other times she's not interested.

Scarlett's portions are big and sometimes it surprises me how much she can eat! She eats more than I do sometimes.  Her weight is fine and she's an active child, so I let her eat as much as she wants within reason.  It's hard to eat around her because she wants what you're eating even if she has the same thing.  My husband and I have to eat when she's napping or distracted by something else so we can have some peace!

People are often impressed with her zest for food and wish their children were like her.  I hope she always has an interest in food because it makes me one happy mom!

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