Monday, October 17, 2016

Gifts From Puzzle Warehouse Would Look Great Underneath The Tree #HolidayGiftGuide

Chances are you have a child on your holiday gift list this year who loves toys.  Whether you're buying for your own young toddler or even a niece, there's a gift you know they've been eyeing. It can sometimes be hard to think of exactly what to buy for people, but thanks to online shopping, gift ideas are at your disposable!

Puzzle Warehouse sells jigsaw puzzles for all ages as well as games and toys for kids.  The puzzles are categorized by brand and type which will surely delight anyone from 100 pieces to 1,000.  Puzzles are wonderfully therapeutic and can entertain individuals for hours.  Older children would enjoy a range of games from trivia and memory to party and cards.  You can't forget younger children who will certainly love pretend play cooking and dress-up sets, as well as plush toys from the company.  Adults would even love a puzzle of a nature or beach scene to pass the time.  With the range of products offered at Puzzle Warehouse, you'll find the perfect gift in no time.

Scarlett is 22 months old and is at an age where she's starting to like toys for older children. Arts and crafts, stamp sets, and even washable paints are on her lists of wants.   She still occasionally plays with the toys she received for the holiday season last year, but not as much anymore.  I know she'll be absolutely thrilled to have toys that are more for her age-range this year.  If you have a child around Scarlett's age, the below list of items are great potential gift ideas for Christmas.

Since I stay-at-home with Scarlett, I have ample time and opportunity to teach her.  Our daily "lessons" include identifying objects, and working on colors, numbers, and the alphabet.  The puzzle cards are perfect for not only entertaining her, but teaching her at the same time.  This alphabet box is filled with 26 two-piece puzzles, pairing upper-and lowercase letters with lifelike illustrations to match.  Each wooden puzzle fits only with its correct match, so children can work by themselves to learn letters in a way that's frustration free.  Since she's still young to fully know the alphabet, this set will come in handy for some time to come. The pictures on each card are vibrant and children will enjoy seeing them.

Scarlett absolutely loves to imitate me and do a lot of things I do like cook or clean.  She tries to grab the vacuum and help me, and you can frequently see her take napkins or a paper towel and wipe the floor.  It's cute and I like that she likes to help.  I'm always cleaning and she watches me more than I realize! Melissa and Doug's Wooden Wash, Dry, & Iron Playset is right up her alley.  How adorable is this? Your little one will be able to wash, dry, and iron with this wooden 8-piece set.  Make sure you get them a good stain remover product too! :) 

The front-loading washer/dryer features a spin-able window, control knob for choosing wash or dry settings, and an attached ironing board.  A laundry basket, and box of detergent and dryer sheets store conveniently on the shelves.  Imaginative play encourages hand-eye coordination and self-esteem.   The set is not only so cute, but well made too.  Hours of fun will surely be had from it.  Now if only I could get Scarlett to fold the laundry and put it away! 

We frequently do arts and crafts which is one of Scarlett's favorite things.  She loves to play with our dog as well as gets excited to see animals in her books.  We identify them all day long and Scarlett's favorite is a dog. We're working on learning more animal names as each day passes.  With the Animal Stamp Set Activity, this will surely be a set that will make her happy.   It'll be perfect on rainy days and when it's too cold to play outside.  

Mix and match the detailed stamps with images of wild and domestic animals from land and sea, to create hundreds of beautiful scenes.  All the pieces, including 16 stamps, 7 colored pencils, and a durable ink pad store in the sturdy wooden box.  The ink is non-toxic and washable.  Scarlett will love to do projects with her stamps and make her dad a special picture for his office.

Has anyone noticed how much children love tents? There's something magical how little ones can spend hours inside playing and having imaginative fun.  The Trixie Tent would look fabulous in any playroom and any little girl would absolutely love it.  Children can climb inside the brightly colored pink polka-dotted tent that is nearly five-foot-tall to play alone or with friends.   It's a cozy space that's built to last.  We frequently have playdates with Scarlett's friends and I know her pals would love to play in there.  I may even serve them snacks inside too!

I hope this list has given you some ideas for your little ones for Christmas.  All you need to do now is pick the wrapping paper to wrap the gifts with! 

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