Monday, July 11, 2016

Everyone Needs Kusshi In Their Suitcase

One of the things I struggle with is keeping my makeup and cosmetic items organized when I travel.  Even when you have a makeup bag, the items inside are all jumbled together and you can never find exactly what you need instantly.  Plus, I've had makeup products previously break.  There's no specific pockets for individual items like makeup brushes or mascaras inside the bag either.  Wouldn't it be nice to keep everything organized and easy to locate?

Kusshi is the answer to everyone's organizational dreams.  This new stylish miracle makeup bag keeps cosmetics organized and easy to see when traveling.  It even has a compartment that saves expensive brushes and applicators from getting bent and broken!  Who wouldn't love that? The best part is that you can see everything when you open the bag. There's no more searching for a certain mascara or makeup brush, it's all at your disposal in separate pockets!  You'll be delighted at the red or blue color that Kusshi comes in too.

Simply open the top in a taxi or even lie it at flat.  The brightly colored interior helps you easily find what you're looking for.  An added bonus is that it's washable.  It's time to stop buying a new makeup bag every time anything leaks or explodes in your bag.  Just throw it in the wash! Not only is Kusshi good for traveling, but bring it to work or the gym as well.  The high quality bag will instantly become your favorite.

Kusshi makes a great gift for a birthday or Christmas present.  The budding makeup aficionado in your family would absolutely love it.

You can purchase Kusshi here.

If you're looking to make your life easier, it's time to introduce Kusshi into it.

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