Saturday, June 18, 2016

Children Learn and Develop Through Toys #Ad #TechToys @BestBuy

It's really interesting to watch your child learn and develop through play.  Always let your child play independently and figure out how the world works through play.  My daughter is 18 months old and really has learned so much through her educational books and toys. There's nothing more that you could want as a parent than to see your child grow and thrive.

Best Buy is offering children the chance to learn, grow, and develop through toys.  With special tech products and gadgets geared towards children, keeping your kids engaged couldn't be easier.  The Code-a-pillar  allows children to "program" his path in a fun and entertaining way.  Everytime kids change and arrange the 8 pieces of the Code-a-pillar  he takes a different path.  With fun lights and sounds that allow children to make the toy go right, left and straight they'll always have a great time.  Two targets are included that work well on hard, flat surfaces.   

Children will enjoy the opportunity of programming the path for their Code-a-pillar.  Will they make the toy go two lefts, one right, and straight? The sky is the limit for their creativity! The toy teaches planning and sequencing along with problem solving and critical thinking.  I know as a parent I value any toy that can teach my child, this one is no different.

Even though Scarlett is young, that doesn't mean that she can't enjoy the Code-a-pillar too. The bright colors and music caught her attention and made her smile.  I helped her connect some of the pieces together and we had a great time with it.  I can see her using this for some time to come, especially as she gets older.  

Code-a-pillar will keep little ones engaged for hours. Maybe you and your child can even rearrange the toy to send him around a table or around a chair.  Draw a map and see if you can get Code-a-pillar to follow it.  After all, the best memories are made with your kids.

This is a wonderful toy that will help your children build some basic life skills that they'll use forever.

*DISCLOSURE* The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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