Friday, May 20, 2016

The Terrible Twos And What to Do About Them

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I remember going through the terrible twos with my daughter. It certainly is a challenging time.  I've been having a think about what things helped to make the transition a little easier. So grab a cup of coffee and check out the information below, it might just make your life a little easier too.

Tantrum Time

Any parent knows that tantrums can happen at any time, not just in your little one's second year.  So why then are the terrible twos such a big problem? Well, as your child develops, they will test their boundaries and see what they can do. This can be a particular problem from 18 months upwards as your cherub is mobile and vocal, and not so shy at expressing themselves. So what can you do? There are several schools of thought on this. You can strategically ignore or discipline with a time out. Time outs seem to work well for many kids as it gives them the chance to be out of the situation and learn to calm down. Many parents add reward charts to this process as their little ones become a bit older, giving them a visual reminder of their progress. Whichever methods you decide will work for you, make sure you are consistent.


Potty Training

Getting your kids out of nappies can be a challenging time. Accidents are going to occur, and different children will be ready for potty training at different times. Usually, parents start thinking about potty training when their child is 18 months or over.  Remember to be patient and understanding at this crucial stage their development. If getting them to use the potty is really tough you could get some expert advice from sites such as

Sleep Problems

Getting your toddler to sleep at bedtime can be an epic task. They are starting to appreciate the world and all the fun they can have in it, so find it hard to get off to sleep. They can also end up in your bed, disturbing your sleep. Argh! Getting your little one (and yourself!) in a good routine can help here. A bath, drink, teeth clean and potty time can set up a relaxed mood for bedtime. There also some cool gadgets that can help your little ones know when it's time to sleep.

Eating Habits

You've noticed by now, that your toddler is becoming more willful (see tantrums above!). They can often express this is their eating habits. They know what they like and they pretty much just want to eat that. Yes, it does tend to be candy, chips, and sugary drinks if you let them. Do you hear the word “No” a lot, when giving them the healthy option? While getting them to eat healthy at this stage can be a nightmare, it is worth the effort. It's so important because it is setting them up nutritionally for the rest for the rest of their lives. If you'd like a healthier way to make sure your kids get enough to drink click here.

Whether your toddler hits all these critical stages before or after their second birthday, remember that all babies go through them. With some patience from you and some willing from them, you'll get through it!

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