Monday, May 2, 2016

NutriSystem Week 4 Update #NSNation

This week was a better week for me.  A new shipment of Nutrisystem food came in which makes everything easier. It's hard when you're at the end of your shipment and don't like everything that's left.  I was excited to see some new selections that I hadn't yet tried before and old favorites too.

I focused on having fresh fruit and vegetables with my meals.  One thing that I didn't realize was that I would be back on the Turbo and Nutricrush shakes again.  These actually taste great to me and I blended a banana into them yesterday for some extra nutrition and flavor.  I loved it!

Stuffed shells

Some of my favorites from this week included the sausage and cheese pizza, the milk chocolate covered pretzels, the chicken sandwich, the ravioli, and the mac and cheese.   I still can't get over how you can eat those foods on a diet! 


I am down one extra pound this week which makes a total weight loss of five pounds.  I feel great about myself and can surely notice a difference in my body.  It's easy to tell that I've been working hard and receiving the results I want.  Five pounds down is a lot! I still need to work on drinking more water, that's been the hardest thing for me.

My cravings seem to have gone away for the most part.  In the first few days and weeks, all I wanted was unhealthy foods and I had some rough days.  I now no longer really have those thoughts, which is wonderful.

Stay tuned for next week!

*DISCLOSURE* I am receiving NutriSystem for 3 months in exchange for blogging about my weight-loss journey.  

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