Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

With winter in full swing here in New England, it feels like warm temps are light years away. It can be difficult to keep young kids entertained when you have to stay inside, but don't let the weather bring you down. You can have just as much winter fun indoors too!

Here are some fun activities that I came up with to keep kids busy when it's cold outside.
1. Throw a Dance Party.
Turn up your favorite jams and get those moves going! Your child will enjoy getting their energy out and being silly with you. Who doesn't love singing and dancing along to their favorite music either?
2. Make Play Dough
There are so many easy-to-make play dough recipes online. You can find one using basic kitchen ingredients that is non-toxic. The best part about these recipes is that you can make them in your own kitchen while staying warm. Break out the cookie cutters and make play-dough dinosaurs, hearts, stars, and so much more.
3. Create Mini Movies on Your iPhone
If you have a budding actor or actress on your hands, they'll really enjoy this one. Have them act out improvised scenes and film it. They'll love seeing themselves on the "big screen". Maybe you can even let them film you? Your little one will get a kick out of filming you!
4. Bake Cupcakes.
Every child loves cupcakes. Bake classic chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and let them decorate the sweet treats. Set out bowls of sprinkles, chocolate chips, sugar pearls and frosting. They'll absolutely love having the opportunity to decorate their own cupcake. They'll love getting to eat their creation almost as much as making it.
5. Boardgames.
Candyland is always a kid's favorite game. If you have a child who's old enough to not put small game pieces in their mouth, why not play a board game with them? Monopoly provides hours of fun and so does Mouse Trap. Your little one will love spending time and making memories with you.
6. Design T-Shirts.
Every child loves arts and crafts. Buy some plain white t-shirts from the craft store along with craft markers, pens, and paints. Have them draw and design to their hearts content. Glittery stars, hearts, and flowers will come to life on the shirt and look wonderful. Your child will be so proud to show off their apparel creation to everyone!

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