Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Five Fun Ways To Kill Time When You're Bored

We’ve heard it from so many people before. Procrastination is, more often than not, a complete waste of time. But it only is when you are doing the wrong kind of procrastination! But did you know that there are a few productive forms of this time-wasting method? Whenever you’re bored, don’t just spend time watching YouTube videos or flicking through TV channels. Try these fun and often engrossing activities instead to make the most out of your procrastination time!

  • Enter competitions

There are loads of competitions on the internet waiting for you to enter them! Want to win a holiday? Check the awesome comp out right now and good luck! You’ll find so many different prizes waiting to be won, including TVs, books and cash. Some are super easy to enter. You just need to give your name and email, while others may require you to answer a general knowledge question correctly.

  • Do word and maths puzzles

Not only do puzzles relieve boredom, but they act as a mental gym for your brain! Why not tackle a difficult Sudoku number game? Or try your word skills on a cryptic crossword. If you fancy something easier, check out word searches. If you’d rather not stare at a computer screen to do puzzles, you can always pick up a small book of them at your local store.

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  • Bake cakes and cookies

Everyone loves a sweet treat now and then! There are lots of recipes that will only take a short amount of time, so you don’t have to put off your work for too long. These cupcakes only take 15 minutes to make – no time at all! If whatever you are baking takes needs a while in the oven, you can get back to work while you wait for it.

  • Read a book

Just like puzzles, reading is a great way to strengthen your mind. Even if you only read for ten minutes a day, you’ll be doing your brain a lot of good. If you don’t already read, start off with some short stories. Once you are feeling comfortable, venture onto classic novels, such as Pride and Prejudice. Feeling super confident in your reading ability? Move onto non-fiction and learn some interesting facts or skills! If you only have a spare couple of minutes to kill, you could surf newspaper websites to have a quick read of the latest new stories.

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  • Do some shopping

Thanks to the internet, we can now order almost everything we need online. While procrastinating, you can spend some time on your local supermarket’s website. Now is as good a time as any to order your weekly groceries. Take a look at other websites like Amazon to see if they have any books or DVDs that you’ve meant to buy. You might even find birthday and Christmas ideas for friends and families while you’re looking!

Or try your word skills on a cryptic crossword. If you like card games, there are Solitaire games featuring unique decks that you can play online.

Solitaire is always a hit! It still plays like the old school card game, but there are some added enhancements.

Still bored? Just jump from site to site on the internet. It’s so easy to kill time online – you can easily get distracted by all the millions of websites.

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