Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Bridge Direct Review

There's nothing like classic toys to really bring a smile to your face.  Whether you used to own a certain wooden toy or playset from decades ago or knew someone who did, there's surely a memory attached to it. By simply closing your eyes, you'll instantly be transported back to your childhood. While your child may have favorite toys from the present, why not interest them in toys you used to own? You never know, your old toy might become a big hit!

The Bridge Direct offers modern day reproductions of your most loved toys from yesteryear.  Delight your grandchildren or children with such oldies as Lite Brite, Simon, Viewmaster, Fisher Price classics and much more.  How fun would it be to work on a Lite Brite masterpiece with your little ones? There will certainly be lifelong memories formed there! Why not give your grandchild a Fisher Price music box record player for her birthday as her mom had the exact same one as a child? There's so many toys that you'll instantly remember from your own childhood.  Please keep The Bridge Direct in mind for Christmas presents or gifts for any occasion.

Scarlett owns many toys, but she has some unique ones too.  What 9 month old do you know in 2015 that has Alf and Lambchop coloring books and puzzles? Scarlett also has an old school vintage Strawberry Shortcake puzzle from 1984! I love vintage toys and wanted her to be exposed to some oldies but goodies as she grows up.  

I'm a big Strawberry Shortcake fan and was delighted when Scarlett was sent two toys that instantly made me smile.  A Classic 35th Anniversary Edition Small Doll and Classic Rag Doll showed up during nap time.  I knew that when Scarlett woke up, she'd have some brand new friends to play with!
Special delivery for a lucky little girl!

This special reproduction of the original rag doll from the 1980s includes all the original details from her hat to her shoes-including her berry sweet strawberry scent! If you're an old collector or a new fan, you'll certainly have the ideal forever friend to play with!

Scarlett immediately gravitated towards the rag doll since it was bigger and easier for her to grab.  Even though Strawberry Shortcake is now 35 years old, she still looks fantastic! Her colors are bright and vivid, and her strawberry scent brings you right back to childhood.  She's well made and built for playtime for many years to come.  Scarlett has been babbling and smiling at Strawberry Shortcake and loves to touch her dress and curly hair! The doll's bright blue eyes and friendly face immediately draw children in for hours of fun.

The small doll is perfect for bringing on road trips or in the car.  We have a special backseat car organizer that we have in the car that would be perfect for the small doll to fit in.  We have to be somewhere that's about an hour away on Sunday, and the tiny doll is perfect for her to hold and cuddle with in her carseat.  

Scarlett seems very interested and excited about both dolls. She has been holding the classic rag doll and doesn't want to let go of it.  It brings her both joy and comfort.  I hope as she grows older she plays with both toys regularly and has hours of fun with them.  Strawberry Shortcake is certainly a friend for both now and later.  

Please keep The Bridge Direct in mind for not only Strawberry Shortcake dolls, but for introducing your children to your classic toys.  Remember, it's never too early or too late to make them a fan for life of your old favorites.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to The Bridge Direct for providing me with complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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    I want to get one of the Strawberry Shortcake rag dolls. Do you know where that doll is available to buy? I've checked several stores online but no luck.