Sunday, June 14, 2015

Scarlett 6 Month Update

Little Scarlett Wubbies is now 6 months old!

-She's very into toys and loves to laugh, play and smile.  She has more toys than she knows what to do with.  

-She wears 6 month clothes and also 6-9 months.  Her summer clothes are adorable and I'm so glad she's able to wear them now.  Dresses and rompers galore!

-I put her on a new schedule where she has a bottle at 6:30 AM, (nap in-between bottle and breakfast) breakfast of pureed fruit at 9:30, lunch and a bottle at 12:30, nap from 1-3, dinner at 5:30, and then bath, bottle, and bed at 7 pm.  The schedule is working out wonderfully and she's sleeping more than ever now (even when she was a newborn) because she's much fuller from eating more.  I make her purees myself and she loves it.  Her new favorite lately is a banana and avocado puree.  She's a wonderful eater and is always excited at meal times.

-Scarlett and Lynnie continue to be best friends and love and cuddle with each other daily.

-I'm pretty sure she's going to start crawling soon.  She's scooting everywhere and is so active and constantly rolling over.  I always find her on her stomach in the crib when I put her on her back.

-We're going on a road trip this month and it'll be Scarlett's first one.  Hope she can handle many hours in the car!

-Scarlett and I spend all day together just playing and playing.  We both love it!

-She's almost sitting up.  We're getting there.  It shouldn't be much longer.

-I try to make our weeks busy and full of activities.  We go to story time, playgroups, and this week we'll be going to the zoo with some friends. We've been to many new places recently including the children's museum and the nature center.  She loved both.

-Hopefully Scarlett will be standing by the end of the summer! Can't wait for everything else this year brings including Halloween, her birthday and the holidays! So much fun is coming.


  1. Sounds like she is developing as a 6 month old should and she is very lucky to have you as her mamma. She is even more beautiful than her last photo.

  2. She is just adorable! You will have such a fun summer with her.
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  3. She sounds like a very happy baby! Enjoy this age while you can! It is my favorite :)