Thursday, June 11, 2015

Learning Resources Review

Even though Scarlett is only 6 months old, that doesn't mean she has to only play with true baby toys.  I allow her to play with toys meant for her own age up to 3 years old.  It's good for her to be exposed to numbers, letters, and sounds among other things.  A rattle or crinkly toy can only do so much for her developing brain.  I feel that the more your child is exposed to at a young age, the better.  Educating your child is the best thing you can do for them.  Go ahead and let your child learn while having fun too.

Learning Resources is a leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms worldwide and learning toys.  Teachers will be delighted to use tools from Learning Resources to help teach subjects in math like fractions and counting money.  There are also many other fun resources available for helping to teach phonics, reading, and science.  Students will be able to enjoy themselves while learning the classroom skills they need.  That's certainly a win-win.  Homeschooling parents will be able to bring the fun to their own home in helping their children learn too.  There's certainly something for each child to love at Learning Resources.  Please keep them in mind for all of your educational needs now and in the future.

One brand that Learning Resources carries that I really love is New Sprouts.  New Sprouts carries ridiculously adorable fake food sets that your little ones will go nuts over.  Who doesn't love a fake waffle set, a fake wok with vegetables and tongs, and a baking set complete with fake cookies? The pretend food is high quality and looks so realistic.  I don't know when or where it started but my obsession with pretend food has grown and grown.  My friends have even jumped on the pretend food bandwagon and gotten sets for their children.

I knew mine and Scarlett's life would not be complete without owning the Waffle Time and Cookout sets.  I'm sorry but you can't go on living until you're holding a fake waffle maker with pretend waffles inside! Trust me, once you own both of these sets your life will have meaning and purpose again.
Everyday calls for a waffle party!

The waffle set comes with two butters, two forks, two plates, two strawberries, the waffle iron, a bottle of syrup, and four waffle pieces.  Waffle party anyone? The only thing that's missing is Nutella to put on the waffles, yum! Learning Resources's attention to detail on this set is noticeable.  They thought of everything, including a bottle of syrup! 

I absolutely love this set.  The colors are bright and vivid and the food is large and easy to grab.  The food is rubbery and extremely durable.  Some fake food is very flimsy and small, this is certainly not.  The quality is simply outstanding.  It looks so realistic and makes you want to eat the waffles, although they certainly would not taste as good as the real thing! 

Scarlett went right for the butter when I put her in front of the set.  She says give me the good stuff! The waffles are easy for her to reach out and grab and she enjoys holding them.  I can't wait until she can have real waffles, I know she'll love them.  We've been having fun having pretend waffle parties and she requested way too much syrup for my liking.  I had to tone it down for her. ;).  As Scarlett plays, I tell her the name of what each item is.  I know she's processing everything at this age, so it's important for her to know.   The waffle iron is adorable and is easy to open and close.  Scarlett has already made so many batches of waffles with her mom! It would be really great if the iron made sizzling noises to signify cooking as you put the lid down.  

The cookout set is also too cute.  It comes with a caddy for the ketchup and mustard bottles, an ice cream sandwich, two forks, two cups, two plates, two hotdogs, chips, a mini corn on the cob, lettuce, tomato, and carrot.

The essentials for any good BBQ!

When Scarlett and I had our cookout, the first thing she reached for the was the ice cream sandwich.  She's just like her mom, she loves sweets! Like at any BBQ, there are chips, hot dogs, and corn on the cob.  You can't forget the icy cold cups of lemonade either! Scarlett requested lots of ketchup on her hot dog.

The hot dog and chips look so delicious, it makes me wish I was invited to a BBQ this weekend! Too bad I'm not.  At the end of any BBQ, you look forward to a cool and creamy treat.  That ice cream sandwich certainly would curb anyone's sweet tooth.

We've been having so much fun with these playsets and I know Scarlett will enjoy them for years to come.  I look forward to purchasing her more in the future.  Maybe for her birthday in December? Who knows!

I'm in fake food paradise!

Any child would be delighted to receive any fun play food set for their birthday, or just as a fun surprise.  Why not make your child happy today?

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Learning Resources for providing me with complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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