Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Six Compelling Reasons Why Parents Should Get A Pet

Pets can bring so many benefits to your family, and especially to your children. I have seen some of these wonderful advantages with my own eyes. If you are thinking of introducing a new, furry member to your flock, here are just some of the compelling reasons why you should turn this thought into a reality.

1. Pets bring joy to the whole family

Whatever kind of pet you choose, whether it’s a pony, dog, cat or rabbit, these creatures bring a special kind of enjoyment to their owners that you can’t get elsewhere. They are incredibly fun and funny and really help to relieve tension and stress within the family.

Many people feel much less stressed when they are around their pets. The comfort and loyalty that these animals provide can make you feel happy and safe when you most need it. And remember that your children can get stressed too. Growing up can be challenging at times and your pet can often be that source of comfort that your child needs during difficult periods.


3. Pets encourage your family to be healthy

When you own an active pet like a cat or dog, it invites you and your family to be active too. Whether it’s playing with your cat or walking your dog, owning a pet like this will lead to an increase in physical activity for everyone in your family. Many pets also encourage you and your children to spend more time outdoors. This is a really important habit to introduce your kids to when they are young, especially in this day in age where more and more hobbies and entertainment take place indoors.

4. Pets teach your children about looking after others

From a young age, your child will learn that the welfare of your pet lies in the hands of your family. This will teach them valuable lessons in care and respect for animals and nature in general, and, of course, for other human beings.


5. Pets provide important lessons in life

If you pet becomes pregnant, ill, or even dies, your child will gain a better understanding of life's ups and downs. This will help prepare them for events that may occur in their own lives. Our pets suffer a lot of the same illnesses as we humans do, such as osteoarthritis. In this case, do take your kids with you to vet appointments and show them how you give your pet its metacam medication. Through these experiences, they will learn more about health, illness, prevention and treatment.

6. Pets help your children to develop important skills

Children often view their pets as close friends. They talk to them, play with them and look after them. This all helps them develop essential social, motor and emotional skills.

I hope that these reasons have shown you how beneficial it can be to welcome a pet into your family. But before you adopt or buy a pet, make sure you pick the right kind for your family. I’m sure whatever choice you make, your family and your pet will have many fantastic and fulfilling experiences together!  

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