Friday, February 27, 2015

Merino Kids Review

It's been brutally cold in the northeast lately.  We've had snowstorm after snowstorm and freezing cold record low temperatures.  Not only is it important to keep yourself warm, but your children too.  Young babies cannot have blankets in their crib so you have to take creatives measures to keep them warm.  Merino Kids is here to keep children cozy all winter long.

Merino Kids offers sleepsacks in various fabrics including cotton, sherpa, and Merino wool. Baby pajamas are also available to ensure a restful night's sleep.  Sleepsacks are important to put over your child's pajamas at night to make sure they are warm when asleep.  Blankets are unsafe because they could lead to suffocation, which is terrifying.  The sleepsacks aren't constricting and they allow baby's feet and legs to be free which is important.  The products are available for boys and girls in a variety of colors from ages 0-2, so they will last for some time to come.  Go ahead and buy a few sleepsacks to have in rotation during the winter.  Baby will be happy and cozy and you can't put a price tag on that.

We've been having frigid mornings here in Connecticut and that surely calls for an extra boost of warmth! Scarlett currently only has one sleepsack and I knew it was essential that she has another one.  Her room gets a little chilly at night and I'm always worried about her not being warm enough.  

Scarlett was sent the Merino Kids Baby Sleepsack in honey oat.  This sleepsack is the world's best and #1 top-selling merino sleepsack in the USA and worldwide.  The honey oat color is gender neutral and works for a boy or a girl.  

This isn't Scarlett, but this baby is showing off how cozy warm the sleepsack is.

Scarlett has really been enjoying the sleepsack so far.  I've been putting it on her at night to sleep and in the mornings if it's cold and she always smiles when it's on, so she must be loving it! You may think that the merino wool would be itchy and uncomfortable but it's 100% natural, itch-free, and allergy-safe.  The thick and durable sleepsack is easy to put on and has snap closures that securely stay closed.  I do wish there was a zipper instead because it would save time on putting it on if baby is fussy.  The sleepsack is crafted well and of high quality.  The honey oat color is sharp and bright. 

My daughter is very active and loves to kick her legs around.  She usually only stops moving when she's sleeping, so it was important to me that she have the freedom to move in the sleepsack.  She can freely move but can't slip underneath or wriggle out.  

One element of the sleepsack that I love is the fact that it has an innovative safety belt aperture.  This feature allows you to transfer sleeping baby between carseat, stroller, and nursery to maintain sleep routine.  My family will be going on a road trip in June and a cotton sleepsack would be perfect for Scarlett to wear in her carseat.   

Since the sleepsack grows with your child, Scarlett will be able to wear hers for some time to come.  I love that she'll get so much use out of it. I'm very satisfied with the sleepsack so far and I know Scarlett will love being able to wear it for the remainder of winter and beyond.  

If you're looking to safely keep your child warm, Merino Kids is there to ensure that need. Go ahead and order one today!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Merino Kids for the sleepsack I received in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

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