Monday, February 23, 2015

HALO Review

It's imperative that babies feel secure from birth.  They need to feel close to their parents in order to properly thrive, grow, and develop.  Make sure that you interact with your child and hold them tight as much as possible so they feel loved.  Sometimes babies need a little more than you can realistically provide, and that's when HALO steps in.

HALO offers wearable blankets that replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby's face and interfere with breathing.  This is the only 2-in-1 adjustable swaddle that allows for swaddling arms in and out for baby's comfort.  The blankets come in patterns and colors for both boys and girls in a variety of sizes.  You can choose from materials such as micro fleece, 100% cotton, 100% cotton muslin, 100% organic cotton, and plushy dot velboa.  Besides just sleepsack swaddles, HALO offers SleepSacks, SleepSack gifts, comfortluxe sleepwear, and much more.  If you're going to a baby shower anytime soon, any item from HALO makes the perfect gift.  

Recently, HALO has come out with a new product called the SwaddleSure that makes swaddling so much easier.  My daughter Scarlett must have about 6 swaddles at this point. We have a few fleece ones and some cotton too.  She's now 11 weeks old and still wants to be swaddled virtually all the time.  Scarlett sleeps much more soundly when swaddled and also feels secure too, which is important to me as a mom.  I truly think that if our house was on fire, the only thing Scarlett would want to save would be her swaddles.  That's how much she loves them!

Scarlett was sent a pink SwaddleSure in the newborn size to review.  She couldn't be any happier to have that review job! This swaddle is a lightweight cotton and is perfect for upcoming cool summer and spring nights. Since we're in Florida visiting my parents now, it's the ideal time for her to test out the SwaddleSure  The pink color is cute and perfect for Scarlett because she's a girly girl.  The top of the swaddle says "Back is Best" with some sweet flowers above the wording.  You can choose a SwaddleSure for your son or daughter as they come in patterns and colors for both boys and girls.  The product is available in two sizes, newborn and size small.

Just hanging out at Grandma's!

With traditional HALO SleepSack Swaddles, baby's arms go into the sack and then they are zipped up.  The swaddle pouch allows you to put baby into the pouch and then velcro the swaddle wings across baby's chest. There's also a bottom piece of fabric that you take from the bottom and velcro on top of the pouch to keep it secure.  When Scarlett isn't swaddled and is crying and screaming to be put into one, it can be time consuming to put her arms through the holes in the traditional sleepsack swaddle.  She doesn't realize you're trying to help her and is frustrated at what you're doing.  The swaddle pouch is a lot quicker to put on and saves you from getting screamed at too, which is a plus.

So far both Scarlett and I seem to be enjoying the SwaddleSure.  What I've noticed is that there seems to be more room in the bottom sack part of the SwaddleSure than there is in the traditional sleepsack swaddle.  I'm not sure if it's the way I'm putting it on her, or if there's just more room built in.  Whatever the case, Scarlett enjoys the freedom and loves to kick her legs around inside it.  With our regular SleepSack Swaddles, her hand sometimes breaks out and makes her cry.  I would have to redo the velcro portion, and this can be exhausting especially at 2 AM.  She hasn't had as many breakouts in the swaddle pouch which is fantastic.  

Since she's in the newborn size, it won't fit her for that much longer.  I definitely will be ordering the next size up in the animal print pattern in the near future.  Scarlett will be so excited for more swaddles as they are her favorite thing in the world.  I hope HALO will introduce fleece SwaddleSures for freezing cold winter nights! I know mothers everywhere would welcome that product to help keep their babies warm.

I highly recommend the SwaddleSure and will certainly be using their products for some time to come.  Your baby deserves to be happy and secure and HALO will be there to help with that every step of the way.

*DISCLOSURE* I was sent a HALO SwaddleSure in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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