Thursday, January 29, 2015

Magnificookies Etsy Shop Review

Everyone who's been a long time reader of my blog knows how much I love my sweet treats.  To me dessert isn't truly dessert unless it involves chocolate.  I don't discriminate against that cacao goodness and love it in pies, cookies, cakes, and even cupcakes.  The more chocolate that's involved the better! I believe that everyone should have a small amount of chocolate everyday to stay sane and happy.

Magnificookies is an Etsy shop ran by owner Kym that creates beautifully personalized cookies that will blow your mind.  Just like the name states, they are truly magnificent cookies.  The level of detail and dedication in these cookies is incredible.  Forget plain old sugar or peanut butter cookies, it's time to step up your cookie game! Are you hosting a baby shower for your sister? Why not serve the guests onesie or baby duck cookies? All of the cookies come in either vanilla sugar, chocolate, almond, sugar, or lemon sugar.  Royal icing is used for decoration and the cookies can be sent "platter ready", or in individual bags with ribbons for favors. These cookies can be customized and made exactly how you want. Let your creativity soar and have the cookies of your dreams designed for you.  Keep Magnificookies in mind for cookies for a first birthday party, wedding favors, Christmas cookies, and of course anything for a work or business event.  Everyone will be so impressed and want to order their own batch of cookies from Magnificookies right away! 

My mom recently went home after helping me with my one month old daughter Scarlett. She was such a big help in not only giving me guidance and assistance with the baby but cooking and cleaning too! I'm not sure what I would have done without her there in the first few weeks.  I feel that just saying thank you isn't enough.  It was important to me to give her a gift that showed that I was truly appreciative. 

When I found adorable "thank you" cookies in Kym's shop, I knew that would be the perfect little token to send her.  This cookie set features a round cookie with a multicolored flower bouquet on it, while a rectangular smaller cookie displays a cursive "thank you." What better way to thank someone than with cookies, don't you think? The flavor that I chose for my mom's cookies was chocolate since she is a big chocolate fan like myself. 

The cookies were shipped fast after being baked.  My mom appreciated the gesture and said they were almost too pretty to eat!

What's better than a cookie? Absolutely nothing.

My mom said the cookies were not only beautiful, but equally as tasty.  You can surely see Kym's baking talent shine through in her work.  How adorable are these cookies? They are truly the cutest! The level of detail from the cursive writing to the flower boquuet is very impressive, I wish I could create something as fantastic as these cookies.  I loved how bright and cheery the colors of the flower bouquet were.  Bright colors always boosts anyone's mood.

The chocolate flavor was sweet and subtle.  My mom is not a fan of extremely rich treats that make you feel like you instantly have to brush your teeth after.  The cookie itself was moist and not too hard, she said just how she likes it.  She felt that the frosting was thick and provided an added bit of pizazz and taste to the cookie.  Overall, she really enjoyed the cookie and looks forward to having more of them over the next couple days.  

If you're looking for cookies that will surely impress, please check out Magnificookies. Your stomach and taste buds will appreciate it.  

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