Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update Your Holiday Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are starting to think about how expensive the season is going to be. The holiday season is a lovely time of year and the perfect way to spend time with our loved ones. However, we can't really escape the fact that it is going to cost money - especially as a parent with children to buy for.

This doesn't mean that you need to miss out completely, it just means that you need to look at what you're buying and how to not spend a fortune.

One Statement Piece

Rather than not buy anything at all, treat yourself to one new item for your wardrobe. After all, if you can't treat yourself to a new dress at Christmas then when can you? There are some lovely festive fashion offerings this year. Make sure you spend a little time researching everything that is on offer, so when you do splash out on something you can feel sure that it is perfect. If you want something that is a little then check out retailers such as Guess, who have a really strong Christmas offering this year.

Update Your Jewelry

If the budget isn't able to stretch to a new dress then don't worry, it is still possible to wear a new outfit.  Go through your wardrobe and find the dresses that you think you'll get the most wear out of this season. You can then shop for accessories to dress up your outfit. By using different jewellery, bag and shoes you can make one dress look completely different to the last time you wore it. What is even better is that buying items such as accessories is often much cheaper than investing in a new dress. That way, you can get a new outfit created at a cost you can afford.

Change Up Your Items

Another way to change up outfits is to get creative and look at ways you can change up items you already have. For example, if you have a wrap dress can you stitch it up to give it a slightly different neckline. If you have an item that is a bit more casual you can look at adding studs or another item to change the way they look. Even just changing buttons or changing the length of a dress by adding a hem can make all the difference.

The important thing to remember is that your friends and loved ones will just be looking forward to seeing you. They're not going to be worried about whether you are wearing the same dress as last year or whether your shoes are brand new or not. This time of year is all about catching up with the people we care about and that is all that will matter. So yes, if you can treat yourself to something nice then that is lovely but don't let it ruin your Christmas party experience if you can't.

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