Friday, November 7, 2014

DiMare Pastry Shop Review

Bakeries are one of the most fantastic places on earth.  There's nothing like seeing multiple display cases filled with the most heavenly treats at your disposal.  Some of my favorite bakery treats include eclairs, chocolate chip cookies, and cream puffs.  You can't forget about fabulous cakes either like red velvet, cheesecake, and marble.  If calories didn't exist I would be at a bakery every single day if given the chance.  When's the last time you treated yourself to a sweet treat from your local bakery?

DiMare Pastry Shop has been in business since 1976 in Stamford, Connecticut as a family owned and operated full service Italian bakery.  They use only the top quality ingredients in everything they produce.  Not only do they serve a wide variety of pastries, but they create cakes that will blow you away.  Delight your taste buds with such yummies as muffins, crumb cakes, cannolis, cream puffs, a variety of cookies and pies, coffee cake and so much more.  The cakes are made to order in such flavors as chiffon, black forest, black velvet, cheesecake, carrot cake, tiramisu, chocolate mousse and many other tantalizing flavors.  If you're planning an event such as a wedding, baby shower, or religious occasion, DiMare's can create a made to order custom cake that is sure to please. Stop in today for some of their fall treats including pumpkin pie and fall themed cookies.  If you're in the mood for something sweet, DiMare's is ready to take your order.

Last weekend I had a surprise baby shower that my mom and other family members helped plan.  At the party, I was presented with an adorable giraffe themed cake that matched the party invitations.  One of the shop owners was told about my blog and also included adorable baby themed cookies in the order for review.

Cake, I love you to the moon and back. 

This was such a beautiful cake that it truly was hard to eat.  My guests absolutely loved this cake which contained a trifecta of flavors including yellow cake, cannoli cream, and chocolate.  These flavors worked fantastically together and everyone thought it was heavenly. The cannoli cream was cool and refreshing while the soft yellow and sweet chocolate cake paired together wonderfully.  The cake was sweet but not overly sweet.  It was extremely fresh too.  Each bite was better than the last and in seconds my piece was gone! Whoever designed the cake is extremely talented, and I wish I could make a cake as well as them.  The script was clear and easy to read and the swirl design was so cute. Giraffes are not always an easy animal to draw, but these pink giraffes were just perfect.  I love the black outline against the pink giraffes, it really helps them to stand out.  The pink, white, and black colors featured on the cake were all gorgeous together.  

At the end of the night there was hardly any cake left.  I think it was safe to say that everyone really enjoyed it! I look forward to stopping into DiMare's in the future for any of my cake needs.  

As I mentioned earlier, the cake order also included cookies that were meant for review. These adorable sugar cookies were in the shape of a pink onesie with a baby foot in the middle.  How could you not resist trying one? 
A real onesie isn't as tasty as this one.

I can't recall ever seeing a onesie cookie previously, so these were very unique.  The cookie itself was soft and moist and cooked to a golden brown perfection.  On top, there was a pink outline around the onesie with a darling hand-drawn pink baby foot in the middle.  Everyone at the party thought the cookies were so cute and of course tasty as well! The cookie is rather large, so I split mine with a friend.  We both thought it had a wonderful flavor that satisfied our sweet tooth, but wasn't sickeningly sweet like some sugar cookies are. Since there were cookies leftover, I froze them in the freezer as a momento from the party.  

Thanks to DiMare's, everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the baby-to-be who will be here in just four weeks or less now! I can't wait to stop in during the Christmas season to enjoy wonderful holiday treats.  If you're looking for a bakery that will make your stomach smile, I highly recommend DiMare's Pastry Shop.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to DiMare's for providing complimentary cookies in exchange for this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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