Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fairway Review

Grocery store shopping is one of my favorite things to do.  Walking into the store and being surrounded by a bakery and departments revolving around cheese, meat, and seafood is my idea of heaven.  I know some people dislike food shopping but I could do it everyday of the week.  Just don't go when you're hungry because you'll end up buying a lot of unhealthy options. I always like trying new varieties of my most loved foods as well, like a new cheese. Stop into your local grocery store today and buy a fabulous cut of meat for dinner tonight.

Fairway is unlike any other supermarket that I've ever been to.  They have everyday brands that everyone knows and loves, but also unique speciality items that make you instantly want to try them. They have locations in NY, NJ, and CT.  I used to live in New York City and had a Fairway just down the street from me.  I always enjoyed going there.  When you walk in you're surrounded by aisles and aisles of delicious food that will make your mouth water.  I could spend all day at their bakery, international food aisle, and cheese department.  The Fairway staff is always very kind and courteous and there if you need help with anything. What I noticed most about their departments is that they don't just contain a cheese or two, there are what seems like hundreds of different varieties of cheese.  Most of the cheese I haven't even heard of! So if you're interested in expanding your palette and love for cheese, this would be ideal for you.  Fairway makes grocery store shopping fun by letting you grind your own coffee beans, sampling a range of olive oil on bread, and making your own natural peanut butter.  I've noticed that most departments offer samples of certain items too, so that's a good way to see if you're interested to buy them.  If you live near a Fairway and have never been, I hihly recommend going today.  You'll be back I can guarantee it!

I recently visited my local Fairway store here in Connecticut.  I met with customer service who generously did a small shop for me with a variety of items they felt I'd like to try.  I received a jar of garlic marinara sauce, whole wheat spinach ravioli, hazelnut spread, and a large bottle of extra virgin olive oil. We were also told we could try a few items that weren't included in the list.  My husband and I chose a ball of mozzarella cheese, a small hunk of horseradish bacon cheese (if that isn't a guy's choice, I don't know what is), sweet roasted red peppers, and natural peanut butter.   We thought choosing those items represented Fairway well.
I love each and every one of you equally. 

I haven't tried all of the items yet, but did sample a few last time.  While I was cooking the spinach ravioli, my husband got into the horseradish cheese.  This is not something I would taste because I don't like spicy foods or anything with a bit of heat.  He said the cheese was nice and hard with a prominent bacon flavor.  There was a kick of spice that hit your tongue immediately when you tasted it.  I don't think I've ever seen bacon combined into cheese, so that's certainly a unique pairing.  Overall he really enjoyed it and will surely eat the rest very soon! 

The spinach ravioli was also very delicious.  This was a fresh, refrigerated pasta which was a rare treat from the dry pasta I am used to buying.  In no time, the round pillows of spinach-y goodness were ready.  I topped the pasta off with the garlic marinara sauce.  That was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life, I'm quite sure.  The firm yet chewy raviolis were very fresh and I loved that they were filled with beautiful green spinach.  Nothing is quite like garlic marinara sauce and if you haven't tried it, I don't believe you've officially lived.  The garlic flavor was prominent but not over-the-top.  The meal was very delicious and I look forward to trying more varieties of their fresh pasta soon.  It's hard to keep me away from carbs!

Everyone loves hazelnut spread.  It's that fabulously creamy and rich treat that goes excellently on anything from pretzels and toast to even enjoying straight off the spoon.  Later that night I dipped a few pretzels into the hazelnut spread.  I do believe this was true chocolate paradise.  The sweet and salty combination was fabulous and I really had to stop myself from eating more than necessary.  If left to my own devices I'm sure I could have finished the entire jar in 5 seconds.  

I look forward to trying the rest of the items soon.  I'm planning on making an appetizer today that combines olive oil, slices of the mozzarella cheese ball and roasted sweet red peppers.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I know it'll be fantastic and very fresh. 

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Fairway for providing me with complimentary items in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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  1. I love grocery shopping clue why but I love it! We lost our Fairway but iit sounds like a great store!