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SBC Brewery Review

I always look forward to going out to dinner every Saturday night.  Of course I enjoy getting a break from cooking too! Since there are so many restaurants in my town, there always seems to be a new one to try.  Each restaurant always offers a diverse menu of options to satisfy anyone's taste and palette, which is my favorite part.  If you haven't gone out to dinner recently, why not treat yourself tonight?

If you're looking for a restaurant that not only offers fabulous food but an on site brewery too, SBC Brewery is certainly the place for you.  The restaurant has three locations in Connecticut including Milford, Southport, and Branford. When you walk in you'll immediately notice the brewery that is creating the 27 varieties of beers that will delight your taste buds.  The atmosphere is cozy, friendly, and ideal for having a meal or even just beers with friends or family.  Open the menu to discover a range of tasty options including burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and more. Don't forget to order up some mouth-watering appetizers like nachos or wings.  Stop in today, your server awaits you.

My husband and I visited the location in Southport last night.  As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly hostess staff.  The manager Matt was alerted of our arrival and came to meet us. He was ready to answer any questions we had about the menu or the beer list too.  Oktoberfest just started at the restaurant last week and runs till the end of October. There's a special Oktoberfest themed menu which we were told the restaurant is promoting. If you're looking for German options that you can only order for a limited time, this is the menu for you.  
One pumpkin creme brûlée, please. 

I love the beautiful range of colors. 

Our drink orders were taken while we perused the appetizer list.  My husband loves beer and the manager recommended he try a flight, which is a mini sampler of light and dark beers. Each sample is only 3 ounces, which is perfect for trying new flavors and finding the one you like best.  I loved the presentation of the drinks and thought that the tiny glasses were cute, I don't think my husband was thinking the same thing though! He enjoyed having the opportunity a variety of different options and declared that one of the dark beers was his favorite.

The beer arrived while we perused the appetizer list.  How do you choose between choices like clam chowder, French onion soup, wings, shrimp, or even bruschetta? It's very hard, but you have to do the best you can.  I opted to go for something a little out of the ordinary, Bavarian pretzel sticks.  Soft pretzels make everything better so I knew I picked a good option.  My husband went for the traditional option of wings. We decided to split both, rather than just each have our own.

Soft pretzels and wings, what more could you want out of life?

The pretzels were absolutely phenomenal.  To say I enjoyed them is an immense understatement.  I did not want to share. I didn't even want my husband to ask to try them, that's how good they were.  These long sticks of heaven were soft, buttery, and warm.  They had just the right amount of salt on them to give them the salty flavor they needed.  When you bit into one, you were met with a fluffy center with a salty, buttery exterior.  If you think you could even have just one bite of these and stop, you're wrong. You are very wrong.  I didn't even try the mustard dipping sauce that came with them, they were fine on their own and didn't even need it. The only thing I wish is that the plate held 100 pretzel sticks instead of just 3.  Hey, we can all dream.

The wings were also extremely tasty and not too spicy.  I do not like spice at all, but was able to handle the level of spice the wings brought to the table like a champ.  The little fried wings were smothered in orange buffalo sauce and cooked to beautiful perfection.  I loved the satisfying crunch that the wings gave due to being fried, and the meat was juicy and tender.  Each wing offered a lot of meat to satisfy your inner carnivore.  The blue cheese dressing is a great way to kill the spice if you're looking for a milder option.  

Our entrees were brought out next.  I went for a chicken Milanese sandwich, while my husband ordered the sausage sampler from the Oktoberfest menu.
Fries, I love you.

This sandwich offered breaded chicken blanketed with a layer of cheese.  A bed of arugula was placed on top of the chicken, while the top piece of bread was slathered with pesto aioli. You can't forget the generous portion of perfectly crispy fries served with the sandwich either.  If you're not interested in the fries, you are not human.  I always say that fantastic bread really helps to bring a sandwich together.  This bread didn't disappoint in the slightest. It had a wonderful firm chewiness to it.  The juicy chicken was perfectly breaded and the breading helped bring texture to the chicken.  Chicken and cheese is a classic combination and this pairing was no exception.  Of course the pesto aioli added a creamy boost of flavor that was welcomed.  The fries were fabulous and bursting with fabulous potato flavor.  They were perfectly crispy and piping hot, just the way I like them.  

My husband's dish was right up his alley.  He is a big lover of meat and sausage and I knew he'd go nuts for this.  If you're looking for a hearty portion of sausage, I would highly suggest this meal.
Sausage lovers unite.

This dish offered a generous portion of bratwurst and knockwurst with veal and garlic sausage.  The meat was grilled and served over a freshly-made potato pancake on a bed of apple braised cabbage.   My husband said the meat had a wonderful smoky flavor that he couldn't get enough of. The mustard was excellent and just what sausage needs. Each bite was bursting with seasoning that made his stomach very happy.  The potato pancake was crispy with a wonderful flavor that was the perfect light accompaniment to a heavy meal.  In no time, he scarfed down the food like his life depended on it.  He barely spoke while eating it, so I think it's fair to say that there were no complaints!

As the meal winded down, it was time for dessert.  This is my favorite part of any meal. Who doesn't want to end a meal with something sweet? The waitress recommended the pot de creme, which is a new addition on their dessert menu.  That's just what we chose.

Chocolate fanatics please come forward.

This is not your traditional chocolate dessert by any means.  This pot de creme offers a fluffy, light whip cream topping drizzled with caramel sauce.  There's a rich chocolate like custard underneath that is certainly the star of the show.  There's a surprise inside though. Small pretzels are dotted throughout the dessert which provides the perfect balance of salty and sweet.  The whip cream was cool and creamy and the perfect way to introduce yourself into a thick, sweet dessert.  Once you make it past the whipped topping, you'll find yourself in a world of chocolate.  Each bite offers a chocolatey bite of pure heaven that is sweet, but not overpoweringly sweet.  The pretzels are evenly mixed in throughout to ensure a bit of saltiness in each bite.  The tea and coffee that we ended the meal paired perfectly with this dessert.  The dessert was certainly a hit in our books.

Our server checked on us throughout the meal and was very attentive. Her friendly disposition made our meal a great experience all around. 

If you're looking for fresh food and friendly service that is sure to please, definitely make a visit to SBC if you're in the Connecticut area.  You'll certainly be back time and time again.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to SBC for the complimentary meal in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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