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Luvs and Bet on Your Baby Are Working Together For a Cause #LuvsBOYB #Sponsored

***Disclosure:This post was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Luvs. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.***

Now that I'm having my first child later this year, I'm much more in tune to parenting and baby topics. I want to make sure I have as much knowledge as possible.  There's so much to learn and know!

If you haven't already heard, ABC is airing a new television show called Bet on Your Baby between May 31-July 19th.  This 8 episode run features toddlers competing against themselves in a variety of fun activities.  Kids are so funny and I'm sure the show will bring a lot of laughs and smiles.  The best part is that all winnings will go into a college fund for the child to use later in life. I'm sure the child would prefer a more fun prize at that age, but the parents will absolutely love it.

Luvs, a well known diaper brand, has partnered with Bet on Your Baby and the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in a very special way.  For every use of the hashtag #LuvsBYOB, Luvs will donate a diaper to the Children's Miracle Hospital.  Babies need lots of diapers and the fact that Luvs will provide up to 10,000 is wonderful. The Children's Miracle Network Hospital raises funds and awareness for 170 children's hospitals across North America. They work tirelessly to ensure the best for children, always. To learn more about hospital, please follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to follow Luvs on Facebook and Twitter as well.  

A very special episode of Bet on Your Baby on June 14 will feature Josh Miller and his parents, Laura and Josh.  This brave little boy is only 5 and was born without tibiae in his legs, which means that he has to have prosthetic legs. He is so young and has already had multiple surgeries including one for his heart.  I can't imagine what that must be like.  He is a fighter though!

This article helps readers understand more what life is like for Josh.  

Keeping up with Joshua Miller isn't easy, neither is keeping him down.  Like the little engine that could, Josh never ever backs down from a challenge. It's hard to imagine this strong little boy was at one time so fragile.  His mom Laura was told during pregnancy Josh would be different.  His condition: Werner's Mesomaliac Dysplasia with Hirshprungs.  "It's quite a mouthful," Laura tells me.

Josh was born with multiple challenges inside and out.  His most obvious difference: no tibias.  There was no bone connecting his knees to his feet, and he didn't pop out with 10 fingers and toes.  "Our son actually had 26 digits all together because he had 7 digits  on each foot and 6 digits on each hand," Laura explains. 

"I've almost been through 8 surgeries.  One was very difficult, the heart surgery.  I almost died but I lived through it," Josh remembers. 

At Children's Hospital Los Angeles Cardiologist Jackie Szmuzkovicz explains Josh was born with a defect that blocked blood flow, between his lungs and his heart. Now that he's recovered from open heart surgery, she marvels at how active he is today, "To me that's the most important sign that his heart is doing well."

Laura still remembers living with the fear of all that could go wrong.  Why didn't it? "He hasn't learned to feel sorry for himself.  He hasn't learned to be downtrodden," she says.  On the contrary, Josh sees himself as a role model.  He already competed in 3 triathlons to raise money for the Challenged Athlete Foundation., and he often meets with new amputees to show them all that he's learned to do. 

You can reach out to Joshua via his Facebook page.  To learn more about his story, click here


Use the hashtag #LuvsBOYB on Twitter

June 14th, 8-9pm EDT (coinciding with the special #Bet On Your Baby” Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals episode airing)

Luvs Handing it Over to the Experienced Mom bloggers will be hosting the party while live tweeting the episode:

o   Candy Kirby -  @candykirby

o   Kelcey Kintner -  @mamabirddiaries

o   Amy Sprenger - @snarkymommy

o   Ann Imig - @annsrants

o   Susan McLean - @nodomesticdiva

o   Robin O'Bryant - @robinobryant

There won’t be prizes during this Twitter party, but for every use of the hashtag #LuvsBOYB, Luvs will donate 1 diaper to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (up to 10,000 diapers) 

Please spread the word about Luvs partnership and be sure to use the hashtag as much as you can. Babies need diapers! 

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