Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A few tips on joining a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand

Muay Thai is a full contact sport that originated in Thailand. Although this sport looks similar to karate and kickboxing, Muay Thai is original in many ways and in fact a lot of MMA borrow some elements of Muay Thai. With the growing popularity of Muay Thai around the world, a lot of Muay Thai gyms and camps became available for all those who are interested in this ancient martial art. And although almost all of them are advertising their gyms as gyms that practice traditional Muay Thai the truth is that most of these authentic Muay Thai camps can be found in the homeland of Muay Thai – Thailand.

If you are looking for a good Muay Thai camp you should also find out more about the trainers working there. How many years are they working? Were they professional athletes before they started working as trainers? Were they part of some Muay Thai competitions? The fact is that learning Muay Thai is part of the educational system in Thailand and the trainers you will find there have dedicated their whole lives in mastering this discipline. On top of that you should find trainers that are able to work with different programs suitable for different types of students (recreationalists, athletes, semi-pros etc.).

Find a camp that is not specialized in only one category of Muay Thai students. Serious camps have their doors opened for beginners as well as advanced students. You should also look for a camp in Thailand that has some experience working with foreigners. These camps can offer you more than training sessions. The staff can give you some advice about visiting local attractions and make your stay there more comfortable in general.

Another good tip is to find a Muay Thai camp that is offering their services that are worth the money. Find some camp that has discounts or deals for certain packages and save your money.
If you are looking for a Muay Thai camp in Thailand that meets all these criteria and has few more things to offer than join Suwit Muay Thai. This camp has some exceptional reviews from foreigners and locals that were part of their training sessions. With their professional staff and their professional trainers you can be sure that you will use the time spend in the camp to the maximum. Suwit Muay Thai has some great packages so make sure you book your stay there on time!

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