Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Pretend Kids Review

As you all know, your child's first Halloween is very exciting and memorable. You can't wait to pick out the most perfect and adorable costume for them and take a ton of pictures.  You will hold their little hand while you take them door to door to collect their sugary goodness in their pumpkin basket from each house.  This Halloween is just like this for me, except my child has four legs and won't be going door to door for candy.  I want to make Carolyn's first Halloween as memorable as possible, and Just Pretend Kids is just the place to make this happen.

Just Pretend Kids is a brand of costumes, tutus, and play accessories that inspire children to play, dream, learn, and just pretend.  The website is a dream come true for any princess or girly girl.  The tutus are glittery, sparkly, and full of tulle.  The costumes feature bright colors, butterflies, fruit themes, animals, and so much more.  Your daughter will love to play dress up as a fairy princess! The items at Just Pretend Kids would make an ideal Halloween costume this year too.  Anything from the collection would make a fabulous birthday present for that small child in your life.

While I don't have children just yet, my dog is my child at the moment.  Even though she is on four legs, that doesn't make her any less of a daughter to me.  Why should she miss out on fun occasions and events because she's a dog? She shouldn't! This Halloween is her first with me.  She occasionally wears clothes, so a costume wouldn't be anything that she isn't used to.  I decided on what she should be.  A witch? A devil? A ghost? I finally settled on it, a ballerina girl! Carolyn's a girly dog and I know she would enjoy being able to wear a tutu fit for the queen that she is!

I chose the Catherine Butterfly Lime Tutu.  The bright green would pop against her white fur.  I also loved the multicolored butterfly accents.  This tutu was made for a sweet princess girl like Carolyn!

Look at how adorable this tutu is.  The shimmery tulle underneath adds another level of diva to this tutu.  Carolyn gives it two paws up in approval.

The first thing that I noticed about this tutu is that the glitter came off very easily, so watch out for that.  The lime green is bright and vivacious.  I love the multicolored hanging butterflies, they are so sweet.  The tutu is made well, I can tell.  I like that it stretches so it will be a comfortable fit for your child.  Since this tutu was for Carolyn, I had to make sure it was the smallest size possible to go around her.  When the package arrived in the mail today, I told her that her Halloween costume was inside.  She was very excited!

Look at how sweet my baby looks in her tutu! She is ready for Halloween now, but we have more than a month's wait.  The tutu fits her well, and she has no problem walking in it or wearing it.  You can't tell from this picture, but she was really excited to wear it.  She smiled and wagged her tail! I knew I made the right costume choice based on her reaction.  

My dog will be a true ballerina girl on Halloween, and I'm so excited.  I might even get her a small pumpkin basket and put some treats in there for her to enjoy!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Just Pretend Kids for the complimentary tutu in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.