Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bella Trucco Review

I wear makeup on a daily basis, but I don't routinely experiment with different shades, foundations, or products.  I stick to what I know, and my look is the same everyday.  Occasionally, I will try a new lip gloss or foundation.  Of course I love to look at products in Ulta or Sephora, I just never think to switch up my makeup style.  Makeup is a great art form to express ones self and I feel that every woman should welcome it into their lives.

Bella Trucco is a New York, Hudson Valley based wedding makeup company that specializes in using the highest quality makeup and the latest applications, including airbrush.  Tara from Bella Trucco will create a flawless wedding day look for you based on your personality and style.  After she finalizes your perfect look, you will never feel more beautiful as you walk down the aisle.  Tara is extensively trained from Last Look Makeup Academy in New York City.  The wedding services include pre-wedding trials in the Bella Trucco studio, wedding day makeup application in the location of your choice, bridal party, mother of the groom, and mother of the bride makeup, and false eyelashes.  Whatever look you're looking for on your big day, Tara will assist in making your makeup dreams a reality.

I had never had my makeup professionally done before, so I was excited for this opportunity for my wedding.  I chose not to receive a pre-wedding trial because it wasn't easy to go to Bella Trucco's studio with my schedule.  I felt that it wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have a prior look created.  Tara was very easy to work with through email and assured me that everything would be ready for the morning of my big day.

Tara was right on time to do my makeup, my mother-in-law's, my two sister-in-law's, my mom's, and my mom's friend.  I noticed right away that she was very professional, friendly, and easy to work with. All of us chose the airbrush makeup because it would last much longer through the night than traditional makeup would.

When it came my turn for my makeup, Tara asked me what kind of look I was going for.  I honestly had no clue.  Should I go for a dramatic or subtle look? I left it up to her.  She told me she would choose a traditional bridal look for me.  I trusted her judgement.  

The makeup application was very easy and quick.  The airbrush makeup felt like a blast of cold air against my face, but covered all flaws and left me with a smooth finish.  It dried within a few seconds and you could touch it without smudging it.  I had a smoky eye and a beautiful lip color that was achieved by mixing two colors.  I really loved my look and felt beautiful and happy. 

As you can see, even many hours after application, it still looked fresh and beautiful.

I had a lot of my pictures taken outside.  Even with the heat and sun, the makeup held up beautifully.  Not once did I feel like my foundation was melting off or looking blotchy.  Throughout my entire ceremony and reception, the makeup looked wonderful.  At midnight, when your normal makeup has long worn off, Tara's makeup looked like it was applied five minutes ago.  I couldn't have been more impressed! The makeup was easy to take off which was a plus.  I didn't have to work at scrubbing my skin for too long.

I'm truly so happy with how my makeup, and the rest of my family's turned out.  Tara made us look beautiful, and for that we are so grateful.

If you're in the Hudson Valley region of New York and are looking for wedding makeup application, please don't hesitate to contact Tara.  She will go above and beyond to make you look fabulous on your special day.  

*DISCLOSURE* I received a complimentary service in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.


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