Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Candle Review and Giveaway

One of the best parts of a birthday (besides the presents) is the delicious cake.  I look forward to my cake every year. Last year I had a chocolate cake with butter cream icing.  It was sensational.  Of course you have to have a birthday candle on top.  Instead of the typical number candles, I usually like to have the stick candles that spell out happy birthday. Having the same candle every year can get dull though.  Variety is the spice of life so why not switch out the traditional birthday candle this year for a fabulous Happy Birthday Candle? Your cake will appreciate it!

Happy Birthday Candle is the world's most unique birthday cake candle.  Just simply light the flower shaped candle and a huge sparkler type flame will shoot out from the top and then the candle will open and rotate while singing happy birthday! The most unique thing is that when the "petals" open, they are all lit too! I've never seen a candle this fantastic before and everyone of all ages deserves to have this on their next birthday cake.  Children will be in awe of this cool candle.  The candles come in a range of different colors depending on your taste preferences. 

Since I was in Florida for my mom's birthday, I wanted her to be able to use the Happy Birthday candle on her cake. My whole family thought the candles were awesome and couldn't wait to see them lit.  The day of her birthday came and we took the cake outside to serve.  You aren't supposed to use the candle outside for safety purposes but there wasn't any wind that day so I thought it would be okay.

The candle on top of the cake.  Who wants a piece? 

Here's a video showing the candle in action.  Just light the top of the candle and the rest is done for you!  You can cut the wire beforehand if you don't want the candle to sing, but who wouldn't? The candle was easy to light and the flames were vibrant and bright.

Everyone thought the candle was very cool.  My favorite part was the big sparkler flame that shot out of the top when it was lit.  It's like announcing to the world, "it's my birthday!" You can certainly get double the birthday wishes on this one! My mom felt very special having a Happy Birthday candle on her cake this year instead of an ordinary candle.  

A great stock photo of what the candle looks like when lit.

These candles are fantastic.  The only thing I would change is to make them reusable. For your next birthday cake, make sure you have a Happy Birthday Candle on it, it just won't be right without it!


  1. I love this birthday candle. I haven't won any of your contests yet. Maybe this will be the one ;-)


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  3. Oh my goodness, this would be so great for my daughter's birthday that is coming up. Thanks for a chance.