Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camp Bow Wow Review and Giveaway

Pets are truly our furry babies.  They are there for us during good times and bad, and all they ask for in return is love and affection.  It's only normal that we want to pamper and spoil them to the fullest.  Make sure you buy your four legged friend new toys and treats regularly.  They will give you a big woof and lick in return!

Camp Bow Wow is a premier dog day care and boarding facility in Stamford, CT.  There are other locations around the world as well.  Along with being a day care and boarding facility, the establishment also offers dog walking and in home pet-sitting. You can drop your dog off for a day of play indoors and outdoors with other furry friends.  The dogs receive lots of attention from well-trained certified camp counselors. If you're looking for overnight care when you travel, no problem! Each dog stays in their own spacious cabin which includes a blanket and cot and is temperature controlled. Classical music is played at night to help soothe and relax the dogs.  Right before lights out, the campers are tucked into their cabins and given a nightly special campfire treat which is a Kong filled with peanut butter. Campers from the same household can stay in the same cabin.  The camp will even provide grooming and bathing for an extra fee.  Your dog will love the opportunity to play and romp while you're away!

I first learned about Camp Bow Wow when I was Googling places to board Carolyn when I was planning my trip to Florida.  I stumbled upon Camp Bow Wow and thought that they would be absolutely perfect for her.  Since I don't live in a house with a backyard, I knew she would go woofin' crazy at the thought of being able to run outdoors.  

Before your dog can be accepted into camp, you have to come in for an initial interview so the staff can meet your dog and see how they are with other dogs. I met the owner of the franchise and he gave me a tour of the establishment.  He explained everything thoroughly and answered my questions.  I liked seeing the doggy cabins and where the dogs play.  One thing that I appreciated was the fact that they separate the large and small dogs into separate play areas so there is no aggression.

Carolyn seemed to enjoy her time at camp and pretty soon it was time for her to stay at camp for 6 days while I went to Florida.  The camp will feed her their own food if requested, but they will also give your pet their own food and treats that you bring in.  They will also dispense medication at no extra cost.  They welcome you to bring in your pet's bed and toys so they have some comforting items from home.  I packed up Carolyn's bed, toys, food and treats and proceeded to drop her off at camp.  She seemed excited when she was there and went to play with no issues.  Since I don't know what happened next, I asked Carolyn to share her adventure at camp with me.

This is what she had to say:

I stayed at Camp Bow Wow for 6 whole days!  I wasn't sure where I was in the beginning but I knew I wasn't at my house.  There were too many dogs and I knew Mommy and Daddy didn't adopt all those new brothers and sisters for me.  I sniffed a lot of doggy butts and made some new friends.  My tail was wagging so hard because I was so happy.  I loved to play on the equipment that they had inside.  I stood on the top of it and pretended I was the queen of Camp Bow Wow.  I'm the queen at home, so it makes sense.  When I went outside I romped in the dog bone shaped pool and cooled off.  It was very hot! I ran a lot.  I had to burn off all of my energy! 

At night I hung out in my cabin.  My mommy packed my bed and toys from home so it made me happy to have those.  I missed my human parents and I hoped they would be back soon to pick me up.  I did enjoy the classical music and it made my ears perk up.  The peanut butter filled kong that I received for my campfire treat was delicious.  I must compliment the staff on their choice of Jif peanut butter.  

I spent the next few days playing with my friends.  I was told that Mommy and Daddy would be back soon and they didn't forget about me.  I was sad at times because I missed them, but I also had fun too.  Here's a picture of my friends and I.  The dog on the right smelled like treats. I licked her a lot.  

Look at me, the leader of the pack!

Yesterday was my last day at camp.  They put my leash on and took me out to the lobby.  I thought I was going for a walk.  That's when I saw my parents and I went nuts! They are back! They didn't abandon me! I jumped all over them and gave them 100 kisses.  I thought my tail would fall off from wagging so much.  I was so happy!

We got into the car to go home. I couldn't stop smiling because I was so happy to see them and also from a great time at camp.  The front desk staff told my parents that I was so popular and everyone loved me! 

Look at me flashing my pearly whites!

When we got home I immediately recognized my house and all the familiar smells.  My other bed and toys were still there.  I laid in my bed and instantly played with my toys.  I gave my parents even more kisses. I couldn't believe they were back! Later that night I got a bath since I spent so much time outside with other dogs.  I didn't like that as much.

I'm very happy to be home.  I hope to come back to Camp Bow Wow soon. I'm dreaming of those peanut butter kongs!

As you can see, Carolyn had a wonderful time.  I highly recommend Camp Bow Wow for any of your upcoming boarding or day care needs. Your dog will come home happy and tired from a fun day of play!


  1. I am so glad Carolyn had such a fun time at camp and that it was a good experience. Such a cute post and that Carolyn is such a talented writer!

  2. I have a camp bow wow about 20 mins away and i've always been curious if that'd be a good place for my Bella. the doggy daycare i used to take her to has gone downhill, so i need a new place.


  3. what a wonderful post to read on a Saturday afternoon. I'm glad she had fun and made new friends.